Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cinemills Lighting Up New Gum Commercial (For 2012)

Just before the Christmas holiday, Cinemills 12/19 K light fixture, was on site, at a new GUM Commercial production. The light fixture was used as the key light, to illuminate the mini-market scene. Here are some images from the production set.

Photos by Russo Mutuc

Cinemills asks, "How do you light your scenes with Cinemills lights?"
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Indie Filmmakers Light Their Scenes with Cinemills

A group of independent filmmakers recently rented the Cinemills lighting kit, to tell their story on film. The film was mostly captured indoors, and Cinemills lighting helped create the mood.

The crew rented the lighting kit which included; (2) 1k Studio Fresnel, and (2) 350w Studio Fresnel units, along with light stands, scrims, barn doors, and globes.

Cinemills asks, "How do you light your scenes with Cinemills lights?"
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays From Cinemills

In celebration of the holidays, Cinemills would like to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Come by and say hello at our; Website, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.
Ask about our 20% DISCOUNT on all Cinemills products, through out the month of December. Excludes LEDZ line. Save on the Cinesoft LED Luminaires, HMI, Tungsten, Par-Nel, Silver Bullet, and many more.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CINEMILLS Acquires Controlling Interest in LED-Z

BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CINEMILLS CORPORATION (CMC) (www.cinemills.com), a leading manufacturer of HMI lighting, incandescent studio lighting and the highly acclaimed LED "soft- light", CINESOFT® (http://cinemills.com/cinesoft.html), today announced that it has acquired a controlling interest of LED-Z, LLC. (www.led-z.com), an award winning leader in the production of LED technology for the Entertainment industry. The move represents a powerful and strategic partnership, designed to bolster confidence among members of an ever changing and evolving industry. CINEMILLS has been a benchmark for Film and Television lighting technology since the seventies.

Winner of the prestigious Black Diamond Award for excellence in green technology, LED-Z® continues to remain the market leader, offering high power output, superior color accuracy, and dim ability, while maintaining low power consumption. These fixtures are currently demanded by cutting edge Motion Picture and Television professionals.

"LED-Z is at the forefront of technology with its superior quality, durability, innovative designs, and detailed engineering which outperform all competing LED products.  I have spent many years lighting sets, in Hollywood, and LED-Z's are among the best, high-end lighting tools in the world," said Michael J. Walsh (CLT) and Head of Technical Support for CINEMILLS.  Mr. Walsh went on to state, "We are very excited to have the complete LED-Z line of products to supplement the CINEMILLS CINESOFT LED technology, using true combined Daylight and Tungsten Diodes."
"LED-Z's ultimate goal is to continue to produce high quality LED fixtures which close the gap between conventional 200-400W HMI fixtures.  LED-Z's are far more cost effective over time and will last 50-60,000 hours, with more consistent results than any other LED fixture in its category.  LED-Z is committed to the manufacturing of 'Earth friendly' products that are designed to greatly reduce our carbon foot print," commented Karl Schultz, Partner and Chief Engineer of the LED-Z LLC.
"With this new partnership, CINEMILLS and LED-Z® can now provide our customers, around the world, with a complete line of 'key light and soft light' solutions perfectly engineered, with our clients in mind, while serving the needs and specifications of our industry," said Marcos M. De Mattos, President of CMC.

CMC and LED-Z® products are designed in Burbank, California, USA, with the input of Hollywood technicians and offer full warranty, as well as a low price guarantee by an American company dedicated to offering high quality products and responsive after-market support at the best possible prices.

About LED-Z®

Award winning, LED-Z® products are the first, high powered, LED lighting systems in the world designed for the television broadcast and motion picture industries.  LED-Z® is committed to excellence in craftsmanship and manufacturing known for its minimalistic design that combines form and function, LED-Z® continues to develop and innovate. Visit www.led-z.com for details.


CINEMILLS CORPORATION is the recipient of numerous Film and Television technical achievement awards for lighting.  Most notably an Academy Award (Technical Achievement - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). CINEMILLS has serviced the motion picture and television industries with its famous trade mark "SILVER BULLET" HMI and Tungsten equipment for over 35 years with strong commitments to lighting professionals. Known for their reliability, durability and performance, Lighting Designers from all over the world put CINEMILLS lights to the test under the harshest conditions. CINEMILLS is a name that stands for quality, pride, and excellence! Visit www.cinemills.com for details.


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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cinemills Launches the New Parts and Accessories Division

“The Holidays are upon us again and we at CINEMILLS would like to extend warm wishes to you and your colleagues and family. In the spirit of the new year, and in an effort to add assistance in hard economic times, CINEMILLS is extending to all our best and loyal customers the CMC unconditional price guarantee!

It is now the official policy of CMC to meet OR beat all pricing from parts and accessories to complete new units and factory refurbishments.

In order to facilitate this new effort, CINEMILLS has appointed a NEW division and a parts and service manager to cater to all your parts and service needs. Malcolm Mills currently rejoins CMC in this capacity, having eight years experience with CINEMILLS and LEDZ.

CMC has serviced the motion picture industry for more than 35 years and we look forward to servicing your needs now and in the future with genuine parts and accessories by CINEMILLS Manufacturing Corp. Our vast inventory includes everything from lenses, cables and headfeeders, barndoors, globes, igniters to many electronic components.

Remember, CMC will BEAT anyone on price and service – GUARANTEED!

Thank you and Happy Holidays.
Malcolm Mills
C I N E M I L L S”
Email: Malcolm [at] Cinemills.com