Thursday, August 29, 2013

Students at American Film Institute Got a Hands-On Experience with CINEMILLS 1200/1800W HMI PAR-NEL

Recently, we conducted a demo of our CINEMILLS 1200/1800W HMI PAR-NEL, at American Film Institute (AFI), and the students got a ‘hands-on’ experience of the fixture.

Also, the test results discovered, during the demo, that the CINEMILLS 1200/1800W PAR-NEL is one full stop brighter output in the flood position, over a major competitor! 

The CMC 1200/1800W HMI was born from the ingenuity of the industry 'stand-by', 1200 watt HMI PAR; CINEMILLS introduces the next generation in high output, 'household' HMI 'big guns'. The 12/18 PARNEL®  is the perfect blend of PAR output and Fresnel focus-ability in one, low cost and convenient product. The CINEMILLS patent pending, PARNEL® reflector was engineered to take your household lighting package to the next level. With a 1200W, single-ended (SE) globe, the PARNEL® gives approximately 1/2 stop of additional output for the same 15 amps of input power required by a traditional 1200W PAR. When the new 1800W, single ended (SE) globe is employed - together with the Power Gems 575/1200/1800W electronic ballast - you get the best power factor correction in the industry, at 17 amps of input power, together with the brightest 'wall power' performance in the CINEMILLS line. The CMC 12/18 PARNEL® is the perfect fixture for low budget or digital content film makers.

Malcolm Mills in front of AFI buillding

Starting (Left) Denise Brassard | Administrative Coordinator, Production Equipment (Middle) Malcolm Mills | CINEMILLS Sales and Marketing (Right) Robert Myrtle | Director - Production Equipment Services

Malcolm Mills demonstrating to the students of AFI

Testing the CMC 1200/1800W HMI


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Introducing CINEMILLS Digital Studio

CINEMILLS has a new studio in the works! Up to 5,000 SQ. feet of rental "pre-lit" space available for your production needs.

What makes our studio space more competitive, than others, is the adjacent building, which is our lighting manufacturing site. Imagine, accessibility to all our lighting technologies from; HMI, Tungsten, PAR-NELS, and 48 choices of LED lighting. Our experienced staff will be available for any technical or logistical support.

Or, perhaps need to go mobile? Our fully equipped Sprinter Vans are ready to roll to your next destination.

This studio space is in the process of being converted into a top of the line DIGITAL STUDIO SPACE. Follow the development phases, as we take your behind the scenes with CINEMILLS.

We saw cut the concrete to prepare for our trench, and soon, place drains and misc plumbing.

Cutting the old bolts, surfacing the floor for sealant.

While it's still under-construction, we already have clients booking with the space. Matt Cimber recently visited our facility for a new production show for MTV, 'Femme D’Action.'

The First Word programs with Paul Crouch Jr. have booked the state-of-the-art facility including the latest CINEMILLS LED Luminaries.

Interested in finding out more information with our studio rental space, Sprinter Vans, or our lighting technology? Visit us at or


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cinematographer, Carmen Cabana, to use Eco-friendly LED technologies from CINEMILLS on her next feature film

We are thrilled to be working with Carmen on her next feature film. Recently, she came by CINEMILLS to plan our her lighting needs for the production.

"Love Cinemills!! The softball feature I am filming "All Stars" is using a 100% Eco friendly led lights and they are beautiful." - Carmen Cabana

 This is the second time Carmen has used our lighting technology in her film projects. The first time was with the movie, "Bullet," starring Danny Trejo and Jonathan Banks.

Here is the  trailer for 'Bullet'.

Carmen is an accomplished cinematographer with many films on her portfolio. Check our her website and IMDb page.