Wednesday, September 25, 2013

East Coast, We're Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple - Cine Gear Expo, New York, Here We Come!

Cine Gear Expo, here we come!
CINEMILLS will be part of this years expo, in New York City. Malcolm Mills along with Mark Smith will be on site to showcase our lighting technology.


Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W. 18th Street, New York, NY.
Dates: Friday, September 27th – 3pm – 8pm / Saturday, September 28th 10:00am – 5:00pm
CINEMILLS Booth: #165

We're excited to premier our very new LEDZ BRUTE45 SUPERSPOT. (high-powered, LED lighting system) Along with the Brute 45 we will also have our very popular CINESOFT, LEDZ, RAZOR, and many more.

Come and meet Malcolm Mills and Mark Smith at Cine Gear Expo, New York.
Malcolm Mills
Mark Smith

Interested in our CINEMILLS DIGITAL SPRINTER VAN, Agency program? See what our new partners in Colorado, Utah, Texas are doing with the SPRINTER VAN.
[Blog] On the Road with Gerard and Kara
[Blog] Introducing Our New Partner, CineVantage Productions



Thursday, September 19, 2013

On the Road with Gerard and Kara

Recently, CINEMILLS DIGITAL SPRINTER Van, #009, has left our CMC headquarters, in Burbank, and bound for San Antonio, TX. Number 009, one of many fleets CINEMILLS offers  - is fully equipped and custom built to cater to our clients needs. Shooters Films USA, handled by Executive Producers, Gerard Lodico and Mauricio Jemal, is ready to service your digital production needs!

Shooters Films USA is a full service international film production company specializing in the US Hispanic Market, with strategic offices in San Antonio and Los Angeles. Shooters also has production alliances in Mexico City through Shooters Mexico and Toronto, Canada through Shooters International. Shooters has been in business since 2003 and today is recognized as one of the leading production companies in the industry.

Shooters Films USA has been privileged to work with many fortune 500 clients like McDonald’s, Coors Light, Bud Light, Nestle, Advil, Taco Bell, Angel Soft, Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, and many others. Shooters believes in giving back to the community and has also produced many PSA’s for national and regional non profit organizations like the Center for Disease Control CDC, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Ricky Martin Foundation, The Department of Justice, The Central Texas Blood Center, NAHTSA and many others.

Handing over the keys to Gerard Lodico.

 On the road with Gerard and Kara...
Kara Paige and Gerard Lodico ready to go on the road.
Kara Paige, keeping Gerard company on their travel to San Antonio.
Gerard at Saguaro National Park.
 Gerard, imitation of George Clooney.
Sprinter Van in heights of, El Paso.

 From the "Bhutan" architecture at the UT Campus in, El Paso.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Portable LED Lighting Solutions For Photographers

Recently, CINEMILLS' Online Media Director, Russo Mutuc checked out a couple of LEDZ Brute 3 lighting. Russo is a professional photographer, with origins in street photography. He also converts from digital still to motion photography.

On this specific weekend, he wanted to photograph subjects in random locations, as well as controlled environments. He used the lights to photograph headshots, staged dramatic lighting, and street portraits.

LEDZ product line, it is a versatile, lightweight, powerful light that can be used in many different applications. The optional on board battery will run the unit for an hour and a battery "Quick Pack" that will run the unit for 8 hours.

Below, he photographed model, Elizabeth Hidjinian, for her headshots. Limited on time and natural light, the Brute 3 was a perfect assistant and tool to use for photographers working solo. Eliminating the use of reflectors or bounce, it created a more thorough workflow. Lighting the subject with additional fill light, from the Brute 3, resulted into stronger images.

As the sun went down, and night came into play, he switched gear to controlled lighting indoors. Even the makeup artist was able to utilize the lighting, while she worked on the model.

Applying gels on the light fixtures, and trying out different angles, he was able to capture some of the images below.

Switching gear to street portraits. He went out in the streets of Los Angeles to hunt for interesting people to photograph. His series called "Dark Angeles" captures portraits - people of the night. The one subject below, he met and photographed in a carwash.

"The Brute 3 lighting are perfect for me when I am in the streets looking for subjects to photograph. Two lights on light stands, I was able to position the lights where I wanted them to be. Plus, the on board battery packs allowed me to be more versatile."  - Russo Mutuc



Thursday, September 5, 2013

Introducing Our New Partner, CineVantage Productions

We're happy to announce our new partnership with CineVantage Productions, servicing Colorado and Utah regions. 

CineVantage Productions is a full-service television production company, supplying reality and non-fiction programming to networks in the US and internationally. With offices in Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado, the CineVantage staff of talented and creative producers, directors, photographers and editors offer consummate expertise in all areas of TV production with a special emphasis on travel, lifestyle and faith.
Honnie Korngold is an entrepreneur, producer and founder of CineVantage LLC. Nearly 15 years of success as a business owner in tourism led her to develop the television series “Travel with Spirit” in 2009 which is viewed weekly in 158 countries and is the most watched faith-based travel series on cable. Under her guidance, CineVantage has since progressed to develop more shows in the reality genre such as “Ultimate Firehouse Chef” and “Who Cares?”. The earmark of a CineVantage production is a show that not only entertains but
also inspires.

We are custom building a new CINEMILLS SPRINTER VAN for CineVantage. Here are the latest updates on the new van.

The completed van will be equipped with all the tools necessary to present your high quality production. Highlighting some of the available tools, are the latest lighting technology from CINEMILLS; LEDZ, CINESOFTS, PAR-NELS, and CINEDSIC. Plus; Yamaha generator, grip accessories, and many more!

We're moving fast across the US, so don't miss this chance to be part of the new digital age! Inquire with CINEMILLS with the new Sprinter Van Agency.