Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brenda Ribeiro Talks About the Influence and Designing of the CINEMILLS Media Center

We recently caught up with Brenda Ribeiro and asked her about CINEMILLS Media Center. Brenda is the talented interior designer who is consulting in the refurbishing process of the studio space.

We asked Brenda:

Russo: "Tell us about the decorative accents you chose for CINEMILLS Media Center?"

Brenda: " The windows and trusses are all original to the space with the addition of modern appliances and ambient pendant lighting from exposed beams.  Natural elements of stone, earth-toned paint, bronze, steel and glass surfaces provide a strong foundation for much softer elements like colorful upholstery textiles and the owner's collection of antique, red theater seats.  Simply stated Classic Hollywood Photographs mounted on acrylic will adorn the walls, depicting the history of the film production industry."

Russo: "Are there any areas in the studio space that create a challenge for you?"

Brenda: "If you really embrace a space before rushing into executing a plan... it will speak to you instinctively, bringing continuity to your overall design!  This isn't always immediate but once the perspective function and desired image for both the interior and exterior environments are established, proper notice of the interplay with natural light and shadow usually dictates a direction for smart design choices which are integral to the relative space.  My biggest challenges are usually related to incorporating technology, which is ever evolving... I leave that to the experts but it's my job to be the master of disguise, ultimately maintaining visual aesthetics without compromising modern functionality."

Russo: "What do you base your choices in style and color for accent lighting on?"

Brenda:  "Accent lighting provides an endless spectrum of visual stimulation by adding depth, dimension and texture to otherwise uninteresting architectural details.  A project is never finished without properly being lit!  Decorative lighting is the finishing touch, essentially serving two purposes...  First, illumination and secondly providing an opportunity for showcasing fine sculptural beauty!  I like to think of it as the jewelry in a room, adding sparkle, color and shine without causing unnecessary clutter.  Whether the decorum calls for ornate and complicated or sleek and simple, a striking light fixture or pendant will definitely set the mood of your space... When choosing an appropriate fixture, I simply ask myself what kind of mood I desire to create... once that is established, its as simple as accessorizing my favorite little black dress!"

About Brenda Ribeiro
Brenda's career began in the decorative art industry which very soon evolved from the demand on her talents for staging high-end furniture showrooms to residential interior design consulting in the upscale markets of Central California.  Relocation to the Dallas Market in 2006 provided a rapidly growing commercial and residential clientele base and a plethora of enviable resources.   She brings over 17 years experience and insight from multiple aspects of working in the design and builder industry along with a highly efficient team of seasoned contractors.  Brenda's standard for meeting budgetary requirements demands the perfect balance of creative ingenuity, quality and practicality.  Thus, she is an extremely helpful guide in the decision making process and the ultimate execution of a functional design.

"A room should always reflect the beauty and function of those who dwell within it!" - Brenda Ribeiro
Spazio Distinctive Interior Design

Blog written by Russo Mutuc


Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 3 and 4 at NAB

We finished off the last two days in NAB with lots more visits from potential clients from Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and more.


We brought out the color spectrum meter to measure the light, it in front of our audience.
Musician, Katie Mcauley stopped by CINEMILLS booth to show us some love. She recently used our lighting for her shoots.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Another great day at NAB. We where quite surprised at the volume of people that passed by our booth. Here are some pictures from day 2.

Our clients from ASIA, stopping by to check out the latest from CINEMILLS.

The "Cyclops" gaining buzz during the event. 

Ron and Laura are excited to launch their future film school in England. CINEMILLS will be ready to supply them anything they need. 
Another test we did for our audience, during NAB. With the adjustable color temperature, they can see the difference from 5600k to 3200k. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recap from Day 1 at NAB Show

Another great start for CINEMILLS at NAB Show, 2014! Our team and our audience has been excited for this event, all year long. This is the place for gearheads, in our industry, coming together in one place.  CINEMILLS has been buzzing with the products we have been showcasing, and we've enjoyed the challenge of answering the questions from our audience. We even had our valued customers return to show us some love!

Viva Las Vegas! CINEMILLS team members (Left ) Matthew De Mattos (Right) Malcolm Mills

Check out our very first Vine video. Who knew a seven second video can be so entertaining.

Malcolm Mills and Matthew De Mattos busy answering questions.
Lighting designer, Karl Schultz, demonstrating the new Cyclops.
Our valued clients, PS - Vietnam, came by to CMC. Thanks Quang Ly for stopping by.
Scott Vennell and Ryan Vennell - students from WKU PBS stopping by CINEMILLS. The studio at the University has been one of our valued clients. Thanks to David Brinkley.
In front of our audience, we did an impromptu lighting test - (top) with diffusion (bottom) no diffusion.
Lots more action is happening in NAB Show, stay tuned for more updates from CINEMILLS!
CINEMILLS is giving away FREE t-shirts! Stop by to get yours!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Allstates WorldCargo Continues to Deliver Great Service Across the Globe

With CINEMILLS' clients spanning across the globe, it's important we have reliable and reputable shipping services for our products. We have been working closely with Allstates WorldCargo for many years now, and every product shipped has arrived, to its destination, with flying colors.

As we continue to grow in this industry we aim to reach more locations in different parts of the world, and Allstates WorldCargo will continue to help us get there.

If you have been following our stories online, here are a few blog posts we've done in the last year.

CINEMILLS is Honored to Service Warner Brothers Studios Leavesden, UK

CineVantage and CINEMILLS Exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Audio Visual Expo

East Coast, We're Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple - Cine Gear Expo, New York, Here We Come!

CINEMILLS Manufactures And Supplies NEW 12/18/24Kw Silver Bullets To Major Studio

Several more posts available on the blog 
Malcolm Mills - Director of Marketing and Sales
 Jana Kolukanova from Allstate WorldCargo recently visited our facility to check out our latest updates from; our lighting inventory, studio, and future shipment needs. 
Jana Kolukanova - Account Executive Allstates WorldCargo

The transportation industry has changed dramatically over a period of time due to deregulation, automation, and global competition. One thing that has not changed, however, is Allstates WorldCargo’s commitment to its customers.

Allstates WorldCargo was founded in New Jersey in 1961 and has since remained one of the nation’s most experienced and respected transportation companies because of its reputation for excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

Allstates WorldCargo offers innovative solutions that address the unique demands of the transportation industry and supply chain management. They consistently provide outstanding transportation and logistics services and offer an extensive package of value-added services to its customers, focusing on high-quality, cost efficient solutions that meet customers'

Allstates WorldCargo provides domestic and international freight forwarding services by utilizing multi-mode transportation methods. In addition to freight forwarding services, Allstates WorldCargo offers warehousing and distribution and supply chain management solutions. Allstates WorldCargo operates 20 offices throughout the United States.

For more information on Allstates WorldCargo contact:

Jana Kolukanova

Account Executive
Allstates WorldCargo
Ground – Air – Ocean
Domestic and International

818. 813. 2981 Cell
310. 978. 6331 Fax