Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cinemills in the News

Recently, Cinemills presented a demo of  our LED Lighting technology to the CBS ENG Crew and staff, in Studio City.

At Cinemills we're one of the first pioneers of HMI Lighting over 35 years ago with the creation of its Silver Bullet brand. Now, as a third generation company, it continues its leadership of eco-friendly LED Fixtures which are engineered, developed and manufactured in Burbank, California. These products  have been used, tested and accepted by most major studios and TV networks such as TBN, The Word Network, SONY Studios, STARZ, CNN, TV AZTECA, and many more.

Cinemills, Sales Director, Malcolm Mills is received by CBS ENG Department for a LED Technology demonstration.

Cinemills LED Luminaires with Australian Model, Salomeh Diaz at KCBS-TV facilities in Studio City


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cinemills Lights at the Best Cocktail Bar in America 2012

Cinemills Tungsten light kit was recently used in a project shoot at The Varnish, in Downtown Los Angeles. The promo-photography was used for the latest ad campaign in the event, "SINFUL SUNDAYS at The Varnish".

At the time of the project, the bar was being awarded the, "Best American Cocktail Bar," in New Orleans.

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Studio Tungsten Kits
CINEMILLS Versatile "Horoscope" Lighting Kits allow you to choose the combination of lights you need and we will provide the appropriate stands, barn doors, scrims, filters, lenses, bulbs, and clamps. Included with all CMC Kits is a Heavy-Duty Case made of high-density polyethylene plastic, a heavy Flanged Aluminum Valance, Locking Chrome Latches, Continuous “Piano” Hinge , Telescoping Handle and Wheels, a padlock hasp, and more!

Behind the scenes from the bar.

Results from the project, photos by Focal Finder.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ira Cohen Gaffer for Steven Poster, ASC, Reviews Cinemills Cinesoft

"I'm Ira Cohen, Gaffer, working in the Film Industry for over 30years... I came across your new product, CineSoft 2x2, working with Steven Poster ASC, on the pilot, "Hemlock Grove", for Gaumont Films. From this point on, the Cinesoft will stand as a fixture on all my future projects." Cohen wrote. 

Ira Cohen recently provided Cinemills testimonials for the Cinemills Cinesoft LED Luminaires. This is the second part, of our two blog post, see Steven Poster finds the Cinemills Cinesoft an effective tool.

Cohen wrote, "A true workhorse when shootin digital on an episodic series... Simplicity of use and design, the 2x2 with it's large footprint usually is the first light called for... The two 2x2 units Steven Poster ASC tested on our show have never faltered, producing a luminance of working quailty, heat free and minimal power draw...Your remote is an nice feature, allowing control of the CT+Intensity once the fixture is set." 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ICG President Steven Poster, ASC, Finds Cinemills Cinesoft an Effective Tool

Steven Poster, ASC

"Now that I am almost done with this episode of what I know is going to be a fantastic series, I have one more day, I have to say that the Cinesofts have been a very effective tool for us," Poster wrote while in production in Canada.

Cinemills was very excited to hear the latest testimonial from one of Hollywood's top cinematographers, International Cinematographers Guild president,  Steven Poster, ASC.

Poster wrote, "The broad, soft quality and the punch of the light makes it a terrific tool for this new era of shooting at higher acceptable exposure indexes. The Cinesoft becomes a "big Light" in these circumstances, without much footprint and without much power needed. That's important."

Cinemills first met with Steven Poster, in Cinegear 2012, at the Paramount Studios. He was discussing with the team about the up-coming project he had that was going to be filmed in Canada. 

Paramount Studios
Steven Poster along with Cinemills Techinical Support/Chief Lighting Technician, Mike Walsh. Discussing some of the features Cinesoft offers. 

Mike Walsh, Malcolm Mills, and Steven Poster, ASC

Cinesoft are available in a 2x2' and a 1x2' panel. LED Technology with True Daylight and Tungsten Diodes offers versatility for easy operation. On board programmable controller allows full Color Temperature Control From 2700-6500 Kelvin. Also has presets buttons allow quick change to saved settings.

 Full Dimming Control at any Color Temperature with digital color temperature & dimmer display. DMX compatibly allows this unit to be controlled with your DMX systems. Daisy Chain up to 8 units on one household circuit. The output equivalent to a 400W fixture.

Portable and Light Weight Design with a Durable Metal Housing is appropriate for hardcore industry use. With various mounting positions and power consumption less then 1 amp, the Cinesoft by Cinemills is a must have light.