Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CINEMILLS at the 2013 Golden Globes

CINEMILLS LEDZ lit up another red carpet event, The 2013 Golden Globe! This will be the third year we had lit events for; E! Entertainment and Fox Searchlight.

In this star-studded and A-list event, CINEMILLS debut 1200-1800w PAR-NEL, used for the opening shot of Golden Globes ceremony.

Also lit, was the famous, E! Glamcam 360.

Malcolm Mills, representing CINEMILLS, at the red carpet for the Golden Globe.

E! Entertainment parking pass for our CINEMILLS Sprinter Van.

For the first time, CINEMILLS debut the new 1200-1800w PAR-NEL, at the Golden Globe. The new orange peel lens, custom made by CINEMILLS, gives a nice wash, and no hard edges, like the ears. 

View from inside of the CINEMILLS Sprinter Van, looking at the 1200-1800w PAR-NEL. 

Ruben Diaz, from Hero Productions explained to us why they chose LEDZ Brute 30, and Superspots.

Malcolm Mills asked, "Why LEDZ at the Glamcam?"

Ruben Diaz replied, "to match color temperature, with the HMI lighting, that is being used as key. The Brute 30 and Superspots are good for kickers, and looks crisp on the image from the different dresses and confetti's. The celebrities look better and pop more, and you can see the fine details."

LEDZ Brute 30 and Superspots, at the E! GlamCam.

At the Fox tent, pre-setup for the for the red carpet. The CMC sprinter van unloading all the lighting for the red carpet.

FOX Searchlight chose LEDZ for Eco-friendly solutions. In the FOX entrance are 30 foot long by 12 feet wide red carpet, lit by Superspots.

Photos taken by:
Russo Mutuc and Malcolm Mills.


Monday, January 21, 2013

LEDZ Lighting in Action for Dance Project

One of CINEMILLS LEDZ client, Bill Hetzel, has recently shared with us their latest project, using two Brute 3 LED lighting.

LEDZ Brute 3 is a great source of light, for versatility. The light can either be mounted on top of the camera, on a light stand, or hand held. In the video, the Brute 3 is hand held, and moving to the beat of the dancers.

 The BRUTE 3 is the latest addition to the LEDZ product line, it is a versatile, lightweight, powerful light that can be used in many different applications.  With a color temp of 5500k and a full range spectrum, unmatched by our competitors, it has a circular beam, and a much longer range than other similar LED lighting solutions.  The BRUTE 3 is more than TWICE as powerful as our competitors and around HALF the price. The LEDZ BRUTE 3 will have an optional on board battery that will run the unit for an hour and a battery "Quick Pack" that will run the unit for 8 hours. The Quick Pack will also run the LEDZ MiniPar and BRUTE 9.  Several other optional accessories are available including a gel frame, handle, gooseneck adapter with baby-pin mount, etc.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


CINEMILLS equipment financing is another extension of our services. This is a great resource for lighting specialists, productions, and even freelance cameramen looking for alternative lighting solutions.

In the last several years, lending has been a difficult process, especially, when dealing with banks.

With CINEMILLS financing, this can help streamline your production time, overall, allowing the equipment to work for you, rather than you working for the equipment.

The process with equipment financing is a lot quicker and easier. Normally, it can take up to a day or two, from beginning to end.

As new productions arise, the need for additional equipment becomes urgent as projects strive to move forward. Whether a owner/operator or a major-studio, all companies share a common denominator—cash flow is the lifeblood of business. Even for a major-studio or rental house with large cash reserves, financing equipment acquisitions makes business sense by matching cost to benefit. Cash flow becomes predictable and justifiable. Rather than tying up precious working capital or bank lines, smart businesses let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment...while their cash reserves and borrowing power work to fund their future success.

Need more information? Visit our site http://cinemills.com/financing/