Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CINEMILLS is Honored to Service Warner Brothers Studios Leavesden, UK

A week ago, CINEMILLS - Director of Marketing and Sales, Malcolm Mills, re-visited the Warner Brothers Studios Leavesden, UK.

After being part of the extravagant, Royal World Premier of, "SKYFALL," in London. Malcolm visited the Warner Brothers studios management lot.

CINEMILLS was honored to service Warner Brothers for their lighting needs. In early 2012, CINEMILLS custom built several Silver Bullet units.

Custom made CINEMILLS 20/24K Tungsten Studio Units Silver Bullet for Warner Brothers.

Looking back earlier this year, 2012, here are some pictures when the lights were getting ready to be shipped out to Leavesden.

US manufactured and built in Burbank, CA. the CINEMILLS Silver Bullet, known to be a work horse lighting unit in the industry.

The Cinemills 20/24K Tungsten incandescent, fresnel continues to serve at the forefront of the studio lighting industry. With 24,000 watt upgrades, this legendary luminaire represents the CMC commitment to future proofing the product line. In an age where power, durability and performance top the list of requirements for a standard set of studio tools, the CMC 20/24K sets the bar offering the finest, domestically produced components. A flattering 29” Fresnel produces splendid contrast and control without artifacts or distortions and is augmented by a brilliant new 16” reflector system that produces voluminous light. Topping the list of the 20/24K’s qualifications is an incredible hand fitted construction, by experienced craftsmen, ensuring the best possible tolerances in an attractive and dependable fixture. The CMC 20/24K can be cold started, or used in conjunction with a fully DMX-able, stand-alone dimmer pack. Globes are available in 208,220 and 240vac specifications. Scrims are also available in stainless 29”.

A halogen lamp, also known as a tungsten halogen lamp, is an incandescent lamp with a tungsten filament contained within an inert gas and a small amount of a halogen gas.  The combination of the halogen gas and the tungsten filament produces a chemical reaction known as a halogen cycle which increases the lifetime of the filament and prevents darkening of the bulb. Because of this, a halogen lamp can be operated at a higher temperature than a standard gas-filled lamp of similar power and operating life. The higher operating temperature results in light of a higher color temperature. The function of the halogen is to set up a reversible chemical reaction with the tungsten evaporating from the filament. In ordinary incandescent lamps, this tungsten is mostly deposited on the bulb. The halogen cycle keeps the bulb clean and the light output remains almost constant throughout life.  Quartz Iodine Lamps were the first commercial halogen lamps, and were launched by GE in 1959. Halogen lamps are manufactured with enough halogen to match the rate of tungsten evaporation at their design voltage. Increasing the applied voltage increases the rate of evaporation, so at some point there may be insufficient halogen and the lamp goes black. Over-voltage operation is not generally recommended.  There are many situations where halogen lamps are dimmed successfully. However, lamp life may not be extended as much as predicted. The life span on dimming depends on lamp construction and the halogen additive used. Like all incandescent light bulbs, a halogen lamp produces a continuous spectrum of light, from near ultraviolet to deep into the infrared. Since the lamp filament can operate at a higher temperature than a non-halogen lamp, the spectrum is shifted toward a higher effective color-temperature. Halogen lamps get hotter than regular incandescent lamps because their surface is closer to the filament. This high temperature is essential to their operation. Because the halogen lamp operates at very high temperatures, it can pose fire and burn hazards. Any surface contamination, notably the oil from human fingertips, can damage the quartz envelope when it is heated. Contaminants will create a hot spot on the bulb surface when the bulb is turned on. This extreme, localized heat causes the quartz to change from its pristine form into a weaker, crystalline form that leaks gas. This weakening may also cause the bulb to rapidly form a bubble, thereby weakening the bulb and leading to its failure or explosion, and creating a safety hazard. Consequently, manufacturers recommend that quartz lamps should be handled without touching the clear quartz. If the quartz is contaminated in any way, it must be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol and dried before use.

Some of the CINEMILLS team just before the lights were shipped out.
CINEMILLS is honored to service Warner Brothers in Leavesden, UK and Burbank, CA.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

CINEMILLS' Most Interesting Man in Hollywood | A Royal World Premier "SKYFALL"

Royalty, celebrities, red carpet, movie premier, lights, cameras, and CINEMILLS' Malcolm Mills (The most interesting man in Hollywood) will be at the extravagant premier of "SKYFALL".
Invitation to Skyfall a Royal World Premier

The movie premier is October 23, 2012, at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. The British royal family will be part of the event that will help benefit charities.

Follow the story of Malcolm Mills as he heads back to his motherland and shares with us his experience.

"Mills..., Malcolm Mills..." CINEMILLS agent on a new assignment.They named a movie after him, "Licensed to Light"
The most interesting man in Hollywood.

En route to London, UK. getting ready to board the British Airways 747.

Settling in and ready for take off!

The only way to fly.

Official Skyfall ticket

Royal Albert Hall - Red Carpet Premier

The Bond Car, Aston Martin

007 Tate Modern Gallery - After Party

Malcolm Mills, "The most interesting man in Hollywood."


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Resources That Polish Your Storytelling With Lighting

What would you say to aspiring D.P.'s, or up-and-coming filmmakers who want to tell better stories with lighting?

Once in a while we will post resources that can help you in your technique. Resources that polish your storytelling with lighting. Here is one book we came across with, Film Lighting: Talks with Hollywood's Cinematographers and Gaffers
Read some of the reviews via Amazon.  

Join the conversation, and comment below, what would you recommend?

CINEMILLS has worked with some of the top cinematographers in the industry, especially, in education. This past year, we sponsored events in Cinematography Conferences and HD DSLR Workshops, instructed by the masters in the field.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Createasphere's Entertainment Technology Exposition 2012

CINEMILLS will be returning again at this year's Entertainment Technology Exposition 2012, hosted by Createashpere.

The annual free event offers the knowledge and tools content creators and content managers need to compete in the ever-changing world of production, post, and delivery. Ideal for cinematographers, editors, directors, producers, camera operators, gaffers, grips, and more. Come see the latest lighting technology CINEMILLS has to offer.

We will be showcasing our latest lighting technology, along with the very popular LEDZ line.

Here are some samples of what you can expect to see in our booth.

 The New LEDZ BRUTE30® is proving to be one of the most powerful 5500K LED fixtures in the world — equivalent to an HMI 400w flood! The BRUTE30 incorporates an on-board dimmer for full intensity control. Eco-friendly and extremely powerful, the BRUTE30 is the latest introduction to the LEDZ product line.

The New LEDZ BRUTE 16® has proven to be one of the most powerful 5500K LED fixtures in the world— equivalent to a 200w HMI flood! The BRUTE 16 incorporates an on-board dimmer for full intensity control. With its amazing life span and extremely low power consumption, the BRUTE 16 is perfect for today’s production needs and is the latest extension of the LEDZ product line.
The LEDZ BRUTE 9® system provides an extremely bright, rectangular beam spread. The BRUTE 9 is a modular system and can be set up as a duo fixture with a conversion kit. The BRUTE 9 incorporates an on‑board dimmer for full intensity control. The BRUTE 9 is a perfect fixture for the 0-200w HMI lighting market.

The BRUTE 3 is the latest addition to the LEDZ product line, it is a versatile, lightweight, powerful light that can be used in many different applications.  With a color temp of 5500k and a full range spectrum, unmatched by our competitors, it has a circular beam, and a much longer range than other similar LED lighting solutions.  The BRUTE 3 is more than TWICE as powerful as our competitors and around HALF the price. The LEDZ BRUTE 3 will have an optional on board battery that will run the unit for an hour and a battery "Quick Pack" that will run the unit for 8 hours. The Quick Pack will also run the LEDZ MiniPar and BRUTE 9.  Several other optional accessories are available including a gel frame, handle, gooseneck adapter with baby-pin mount, etc.

The LEDZ MINI PAR® is the first of its kind in the Motion Picture and TV markets. Complete with an onboard dimmer, the LEDZ MINI PAR features a patent pending, interchangeable, multi-lens system which includes three lenses (which change the beam width and diffusion quality), an all aluminum housing for maximum durability and cooling and a convenient tilt yoke for multipurpose coverage.

Cinesoft are available in a 2x2' and a 1x2' panel. LED Technology with True Daylight and Tungsten Diodes offers versatility for easy operation. On board programmable controller allows full Color Temperature Control From 2700-6500 Kelvin. Also has presets buttons allow quick change to saved settings.

 Full Dimming Control at any Color Temperature with digital color temperature & dimmer display. DMX compatibly allows this unit to be controlled with your DMX systems. Daisy Chain up to 8 units on one household circuit. The output equivalent to a 400W fixture.

Portable and Light Weight Design with a Durable Metal Housing is appropriate for hardcore industry use. With various mounting positions and power consumption less then 1 amp, the CINESOFT by CINEMILLS is a must have light.

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