Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

HD DSLR Workshops, with Gale Tattersall, Partners With Cinemills!

Cinemills has partnered with HD DSLR Workshops, with Gale Tattersall. 

Gale has an impressive resume, his work has taken him from creating films, t.v. series,  commercials, and many more. His IMDb page catalogs his work as a Cinematographer and Camera and Electrical Department. One of Gale's biggest project from 2006-2011 was, 'House M.D.', where he worked as Director of Photography for the t.v. series.

At HD DSLR Workshops they inspire as well as educate. The students leave with new skills, and the inspiration to use those skills. This is accomplished by the expert techniques and practices that Gale Tattersall, and his team, imparts during the course of the workshops. With the emphasis on a hands-on approach students will learn to navigate real world situations rather than learning in idealized, insulated scenarios. The workshops take place over three consecutive days or weeks of each month, depending on the class you select. This is very much a hands on journey that imparts skills from the industry professionals who are on the forefront of the HD DSLR revolution. 

Cinemills partners up with some of the top industry professionals in cinematography. 

Also see our newest partnership with Masters POV. Our joint ventures curtails more workshops that focuses on lighting techniques. Come and join us. See you there!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cinemills Launches New Website 2012

Cinemills has recently launched the new website design. The project took roughly about four months.

The design team, managed by, Daniel De Mattos, oversaw the project on the daily basis. There are various upgrades to the website. A few in particular; was incorporating more visuals with the equipment, and supporting it with researched technical specifications on many of the products offered.

Cinemills' goal is to communicate to our customers our dedication to providing quality representation of all our products and services, as well as, the tools used to promote then. We'd like to think we keep our website and social sites active, so our customers know we are hear listening to them. Ultimately, creating better relationships to providing better services.

Cinemills would like to thank our team members who supported the transition to our new website. 

Come by and visit us; on the website, social sites, and even our showroom at the Cinemills head quarters.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cinemills Partners Up With Master POV

The Masters POV Cinematography Conference is a 2-day Master Class Environment for Professional Cinematographers or those looking to take their profession to the next level.

One weekend packed with inspirational Master Classes, in-depth Workshop Demonstrations, interactive Screenings and Q & A:s and invaluable networking opportunities.

World-class speakers and workshop instructors from across the cinematography spectrum

Great Ticket Deals for Cinematography Associations, Organizations and Students

The Masters POV environment features a truly diverse program presenting Master Class Seminars, Workshop Demonstrations, Screenings and Q & A:s and invaluable networking opportunities and immersion into the art and business of the rapidly evolving world of cinematography.

We have invited 5 great cinematographers who in their profession have shown an unparalleled degree of creativity, personal expression and style to revel each Master’s unique style, technique and vision — challenging them to deliver content that will entertain, intrigue and propel participants in their careers.

You will be given complete access to work methods and best-practices in how to plan setups in creating stunning imagery for feature films, television and for commercials and music videos, as well as discuss practical approaches to solve the countless photographic challenges cinematographers face every day.

The talks are further illustrated by examples of their best work, as well as an insight into how they were produced and photographed given the unique challenges posed by the script, directors, location realities and budget considerations.

There will be a continuous dialogue between the invited cinematographers and the participants – with discussions, Q&A sessions and a mutual sharing of experiences and view points.


CINEMILLS PAR-NEL® 1200/1800W Overview

The CMC 1200/1800W HMI was born from the ingenuity of the industry 'stand-by', 1200 watt HMI PAR; CINEMILLS introduces the next generation in high output, 'household' HMI 'big guns'. The 12/18 PARNEL® is the perfect blend of PAR output and Fresnel focus-ability in one, low cost and convenient product. The CINEMILLS patent pending, PARNEL® reflector was engineered to take your household lighting package to the next level. With a 1200W, single-ended (SE) globe, the PARNEL® gives approximately 1/2 stop of additional output for the same 15 amps of input power required by a traditional 1200W PAR. When the new 1800W, single ended (SE) globe is employed - together with the Power Gems 575/1200/1800W electronic ballast - you get the best power factor correction in the industry, at 17 amps of input power, together with the brightest 'wall power' performance in the CINEMILLS line. The CMC 12/18 PARNEL® is the perfect fixture for low budget or digital content film makers.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Live Update: Gabriel Beristain BSC, ASC - At The Cinemills Headquarters

Cinemills has a special guest this afternoon. Currently, Gabriel Beristain is live in our headquarters talking lights with our very own Mike Walsh. Gabriel also talks about his current project, Magic City.

Taken with Android phone.

Mike Walsh Presents - Cinemills Cinesoft LED Luminaires

Mike Walsh (Cinematogrpaher/Chief Lighting Technician) explaining the details and features for the new Cinesoft LED Luminaires fixture.

Here is the first video from the Cinesoft

Cinemills asks, "How do you light your scenes with Cinemills lights?"
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