Monday, February 24, 2014

Are You in the Market for Used Lighting? Check Out CINEMILLS' - 'Reloaded'

We have some used refurbished HMI Silver Bullets 12/18k’ with a 1 Year CMC Warranty (pls see enclosed): They are “Reloaded” units meaning they have some replacement parts and are in full working condition. They vary in age but circa 1980’s or later models. 

The CINEMILLS 12/18k HMI Fresnel is the workhorse of the industry. The fixture has an excellent reputation for quality and dependability, and is available with a 12/18k respective electronic ballast. The electronic igniter is designed to provide extremely quiet operation using either ballast. Other features include CINEMILLS revolutionary shock mount lamp socket system that is designed to maximize lamp life, a unique T-Handle designed to allow easy movement of the bale, and an optional locking diffusion ear.

An HMI lamp uses mercury vapour mixed with metal halides in a quartz-glass envelope, with two tungsten electrodes of medium arc separation. Unlike traditional lighting units using incandescent light bulbs, HMIs need electrical ballasts, which are separated from the head via a header cable, to limit current and supply the proper voltage. The lamp operates by creating an electrical arc between two electrodes within the bulb that excites the pressurized mercury vapour and metal halides, and provides very high light output with greater efficacy than incandescent lighting units. The efficiency advantage is near four fold, with approximately 85–108 lumens per watt of electricity. Unlike tungsten-halogen lamps where the halide gas is used to regenerate the filament and keep the evaporated tungsten from darkening, the mercury vapour and the metal halides in HMI lamps are what emit the light. The high CRI and color temperature are due to the specific lamp chemistries.

CMC lighting technician working on a refurbished light. 

CMC lighting technician replacing some parts inside a Silver Bullet. 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

CINEMILLS Lighting Entering New Depths for Olympus Camera Commercial.

CINEMILLS lighting was recently spotted in a new commercial, at the Long Beach Aquarium.

Olympus is introducing a new camera, and they've recruited, Hero Productions to provide the grip and lighting for the commercial shoot.

Headed by, Gaffer, Nick Bodkin and Key Grip, Ruben Diaz, with Hero Productions - they used CINEMILLS Superspots to light the aquarium. They also used a remote power station with marine deep cycle batteries. Plus a 800W inverter to power up all the units, which lasted through out the shoot. 

The LEDZ SUPERSPOT is extremely robust with an all aluminum housing and yoke system with junior mounting pin. It has a slim profile so can be used in a multiple of lighting setups utilizing minimal space. The fixture produces no sound and very minimal heat, making it studio friendly.  There are two built in dimmers on the fixture which allow for 100% - 0 output control with minimal color shift. The LEDZ SUPERSPOT comes complete with a switchable power supply unit 110v -240v AC, extension cable with on/off switch. There are additional accessories available including the LEDZ Speedframe, Chimera, filter frame, DMX capabilities and 12v battery options for mobile applications. The SUPERSPOT is the first in a premiere line of sharp, powerful circular beam producers.  With a throw that easily exceeds 40 feet, the SUPERSPOT is comparable to current 575w HMI fixtures, including the 5500k color temperature whilst only drawing a single amp.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

CINEMILLS at the ASC Awards, 2014

February 1, 2014 - Emmanuel Lubezki took top prize for cinematography in, "Gravity," at the 28th Annual American Society of Cinematographers (ASC)

The American Society of Cinematographers is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the art of filmmaking. Since its charter in 1919, the ASC has been committed to educating aspiring filmmakers and others about the art and craft of cinematography; it accomplishes this by publishing the internationally renowned magazine American Cinematographer and the venerable American Cinematographer Manual, through seminars at schools and industry events, and via one-on-one mentoring. ASC members volunteer their time for such activities. (Read more)

CINEMILLS is proud to be part of another red carpet event, at the 2014 ASC Awards
Carlos De Mattos at the ASC Awards red carpet

Steven Bernstein, ASC and Carlos De Mattos 
Carmen Cabana and Malcolm Mills
ASC Awards at the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland