Thursday, December 26, 2013

CINEMILLS 2013 Year in Review

As 2013 is coming to a close, we look back at this year with some of, the best, CINEMILLS highlights.

Launch of CINEMILLS Sprinter Vans with our partners in Texas and Colorado. ( |
CINEMILLS newly launched 12/18/24K Brass Sockets. The new “patent pending brass sockets” will give a substantial amount of more longevity to the very expensive HMI globes. 

CINEMILLS took on the  2013 project with Warner Brothers, UK to supply them with several 12/18/24K HMI Silver Bullets Fresnels,
Supplying another big order for a major studio.
CINEMILLS LEDZ lighting the red carpet event at the Grammy's, 2013

CINEMILLS lighting the interview of The Word Network with Hollywood power couple Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

CINEMILLS LEDZ lighting the red carpet event, SAG Awards.
CINEMILLS LEDZ was part of the "Green Carpet Event" for GATE. Founders John Raatz, Eckhart Tolle, and Jim Carrey
CINEMILLS with two booth locations (interior and exterior) at NAB.
CINEMILLS LEDZ lighting the red carpet event for FOX, at the Golden Globes.

CINEMILLS LEDZ lighting GLAMCAM 360 for E! Network.

Introducing "The Beast" at Cinegear and NAB.
CINEMILLS supplying lighting for Palmolive Building Chicago Lindburgh Beacon.

CINEMILLS lighting in action for The Word Network, hosted by Paul Crouch Jr.

CINEMILLS lighting in action, for a music video shoot in Dreamworks Studios.
Introduction of the new CMC Media Center. 5000 sq. ft studio space which will be fully equipped with CINEMILLS lighting, green screens, logistics, and many more.


Thursday, December 19, 2013


Each week more new developments are happening at the CINEMILLS MEDIA CENTER. We're excited to announce we are nearing to completion. 2014 will be another great start for CINEMILLS, as it will open its doors to the public for our new studio. This 5000sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility will be equipped with our best lighting technology, green screens, logistical support, and many more services.

This one-stop-shop is the ideal studio in today's creative market. Having access to all kinds of lighting/grip tools, Sprinter Vans, logistic support, and many more services will not only elevate the quality of your product and services, but will also impress your clients.

 Below are some new developments happening at the studio. We've been upgrading the facility with new sound proof walls, ventilation, air-conditioning, rewiring the electrical, installing plumbing, adding additional rooms.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

CINEMILLS at Dreamworks for Music Video Shoot

Recently, CINEMILLS was part of a 3D music video shoot at Dreamworks Studios. This was the second time we supplied lighting for the project.

The talented triplets, T-Rio, not only performed with grace and beauty, but also were troopers. The temperatures dropped to 30 degrees, in Los Angeles, making a chilly night.

Behind the scenes captured by Russo Mutuc - CINEMILLS Online Media Director.


One of the most used lights, on set, was the CINEMILLS CINESOFT. A great soft light source creating beauty light for the talents.

CINESOFTS are available in a 2x2' and a 1x2' panel. LED Technology with True Daylight and Tungsten Diodes offers versatility for easy operation. On board programmable controller allows full Color Temperature Control From 2700-6500 Kelvin. Also has presets buttons allow quick change to saved settings.

 Full Dimming Control at any Color Temperature with digital color temperature & dimmer display. DMX compatibly allows this unit to be controlled with your DMX systems. Daisy Chain up to 8 units on one household circuit. The output equivalent to a 400W fixture.

Portable and Light Weight Design with a Durable Metal Housing is appropriate for hardcore industry use. With various mounting positions and power consumption less then 1 amp, the CINESOFT by CINEMILLS is a must have light.

 The production used several LEDZ Superspots for various applications. On the exterior sets, they used the lights to spot with color gels to light the floors, and some where used to add accents to trees.

SUPERSPOT, the brightest and most robust LED fixture that meets all of the standards and needs of the world’s most demanding gaffers and DPs.  The LEDZ SUPERSPOT is the first in a premiere line of sharp, powerful circular beam producers.  With a throw that easily exceeds 40 feet, the SUPERSPOT is comparable to current 575w HMI fixtures, including the 5500k color temperature whilst only drawing a single amp.

The LEDZ SUPERSPOT is extremely robust with an all aluminum housing and yoke system with junior mounting pin. It has a slim profile so can be used in a multiple of lighting setups utilizing minimal space. The fixture produces no sound and very minimal heat, making it studio friendly.  There are two built in dimmers on the fixture which allow for 100% - 0 output control with minimal color shift. The LEDZ SUPERSPOT comes complete with a switchable power supply unit 110v -240v AC, extension cable with on/off switch. There are additional accessories available including the LEDZ Speedframe, Chimera, filter frame, DMX capabilities and 12v battery options for mobile applications.

Photos by Russo Mutuc