Monday, February 22, 2016

CINEMILLS at 30th ASC Awards

Last week, CINEMILLS was part of 30th ASC Awards. Our very own, Matthew De Mattos and Katie McAuley represented CMC.

CINEMILLS has been attending the awards for several years now, and we are always honored to support the event and organization.

The American Society of Cinematographers was founded in Hollywood in 1919 with the dual purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques and promote the motion picture as an art form — a mission that continues today.

The ASC was the first organization in the film industry to be devoted exclusively to furthering and honoring professional achievement. It is not a labor union or a guild, but an educational, cultural and professional organization. Membership is extended by invitation to those who are actively engaged as directors of photography and have demonstrated outstanding ability.

Every year, ASC hosts and awards those cinematographers for Outstanding 
Achievement in Cinematography.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Make the LED Conversion with CINEMILLS LED Lighting Systems and Installation Team

Convert your outdated incandescent lighting to cost-effective CINEMILLS LED lighting solutions.

CINEMILLS can convert your studio facility with fixtures such as; CINESOFTS and the focusable Fresnel F Type 1 or  F Type 2. These bi-color LED fixtures are have perfect spectral quality with a 90+ CRI rating. No bulbs required, keeping air conditioning use to a minimum, and can be easily DMX controlled from a lighting board.

CINEMILLS LED lighting systems are specifically designed for the entertainment, television, broadcast and motion picture industries. We are committed to manufacturing Eco-friendly products, designed to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. CINEMILLS was the first Company in our industry to create the LED key lighting through its LED-Z branded products and continues to be at the forefront of LED technology with its superior quality, innovative designs, and detailed engineering which outperform all competing LED products.

We recently were selected by the production professionals at Time Warner/Kernal to complete their LED conversion of their studio facilities in San Antonio & Austin, TX. Our team of highly skilled technicians successfully installed, DMX fader boards, various grip equipment and LED fixtures making the Time Warner /Kernal studios remarkably efficient and broadcast ready.

Kernel® offers ready-made solutions for your business. Their Ready By Design cost-efficient creative approach provides multiple template options each with customizable elements for individual clients to incorporate their pictures or video along with text, logo, phone number and urls.

In addition to producing full-service commercials, Kernel™ offers ready-made solutions for your business. Click to browse their inventory.

Here is a time time-lapse video done by, Brandon Crouch during the installation.

Another video...

Here are more images during the installation.

Ready to convert? Ask one of our sales agent for more details. | @cinemills | #cinemills