Thursday, July 14, 2016

Silver Bullet - CINEMILLS' Workhorse Lighting Fixtures (BTS Across the Globe)

One of our oldest and well known lighting fixture, Silver Bullet has been lighting up production shoots and live events for more than 40 years - still the workhorse lighting fixture for the masses. Our loyal clients across the globe share with us their fixtures in action. Below are some behind the scenes from our social media sites.

In the tradition of the CMC 'Silver Bullet', the new 24Kw HMI Silver Bullet Fresnel is manufactured to the same level of excellence Lighting Professionals have come to rely on from CINEMILLS. Durability and dependability are the benchmarks of this new and powerful, hand built unit. Upgrades of all electrical components guarantee optimum performance for an industry leading, 24,000 watts of daylight output. Robust new designed ignitors insure quiet operation when complimented by the newest, high output ballast from Power Gems. This unit is the smallest and brightest HMI fresnel in the industry. The 24Kw HMI, from CMC, is the flagship of a quality line of equipment from the company with over 35 year commitment to motion picture lighting - CINEMILLS

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Yesterday I had some of my worst nightmares lighting an evening scene in this set. Today is a different day all together. My lovely Silver bullet from @cinemills, a 7x7 cube 6.5 KW daylight SourceMaker balloon from @skyliteballoons and a 20x20 Full silent grid that my Best Boy @robosborne hang from the trees! What a difference a day makes! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

#Repost @ozziesetstills
Using the Silver Bullet to get that sunlight look in the middle of the day.

#Repost @peytonnbrown
Grips and electricians in perfect harmony๐Ÿ’™ #cinelease #lighteverywhere #gripandelectric #griplife #hollywoodrentals #juicebabies

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Brought a bit of gear from @panaluxworld and 3 silver bullets @cinemills to light this house again! #lighting #lovelight #gaffer

Cutting and shaping light with CINEMILLS Silver Bullet!

Good Girls Revolt - shot downtown LA at the old Hotel Barclay an original Amazon Production. #Cinemills #SetLighting #downtownla #filmming #gafferlife #setlife #electricdept #losangeles

#Repost @corey_jax
Condor Call Training Day.

#Repost @andreas_neo
24k did it's job today! Nice working with @garyvarney !

The sun is out and CINEMILLS Silver Bullet is ready to go in action!

photo credit @ineedafuckingbeer

Monday, July 4, 2016

Shoot Your Next Project at CINEMILLS Lightbox

CINEMILLS offers a studio space for productions looking to shoot interviews, how to videos, product shoots, or YouTube type content.

The studio space has the "Lightbox Package" - equipped with the latest  CINEMILLS LED technology, along with NORMS grip. Perfect tools to help streamline your production time and budget. For inquiries contact sales (at)

Below images are the latest projects shot at CINEMILLS Lightbox.

"Shoutout to Cinemills for taking good care of us on a recent short #greenscreen project. If your looking for studio space in the Burbank area with a lot of support, this is the place to be! Thanks guys for providing such a top notch facility." - Emry Roberts

"With our writer/director." - John Di Domenico

"In the booth making the voice magic! " - John Di Domenico

"Had a good one chatting with the guys over @cinemills today.
Going to be great having access to their studio, dope equipment & lights to film some new collaborative content we have in mind!" - Drone Dudes

"Shooting bts of The Signature Kings documentary #netflix #fabulous_tv #thesignaturekings talk about their new film @cinemills CineMills Media Center" - Fabulous TV

"Carlos de Mattos and John S. Bartley, ASC at CINEMILLS Lightbox Studio" 
"There's a new man band in town!
@moviemace @ryan2_2 @pulpdigitalproductions" - Davin Pressnall
O.G. Kobra from Boyaa T.R.I.B.E. shoots his latest promo with photographer, Russo Mutuc

BTS with O.G. Kobra from Boyaa T.R.I.B.E. shooting his latest promo with photographer, Russo Mutuc

Sample image  of O.G. Kobra from Boyaa T.R.I.B.E. Lighting powered by CINEMILLS LED technology.