Thursday, March 26, 2015


It's only the first quarter of the year, and our partners across the continent, with their CINEMILLS Sprinter Vans, have been busy with productions. 

One of our industry partners, CINEMILLS TX - servicing the great state of Texas, has recently been working on commercials for AT&T Latino, live events (SXSW), Film Festivals, just to name a few! See what they have been up to with these BTS. | #cinemillstx | @cinemillstx 
ICYMI: Our CinemillsTX crew out and about at #SXSW
#CineFestivalSA at the Guadalupe Theater. The longest-running Latino film festival in the nation!
CinemillsTX at the 37th Annual CineFestival
CinemillsTX on location in San Antonio.
3M Innovation, Austin, Tx.
3M Innovation, Austin, Tx.

3M Innovation, Austin, Tx.
Richard Lord's Boxing Gym

On location with @photoplayfilms and @amsterdamww Amsterdamww  #shootersfilmusa

#Cineveliz on set at Benson Honda. 
Boost Mobile Valentine's Day shoot.

On location Western Union.

CinemillsTX training day.

AT&T Latino Shoot

"We volunteer! We volunteer as tribute" - @willowshields  #hungergames#mockingjay

Thursday, March 19, 2015

CINEMILLS with Alternative Lighting Solutions for Low Budget Short Films

Russo Mutuc and Will Collyer
Do you have a short film that you need to shoot and needing some affordable lighting rentals? CINEMILLS offers an array of LED lighting solutions to meet your budget.

On a recent short film shoot, 'Typewriter' Produced and Directed by, Russo Mutuc (CINEMILLS' Director of Online Media) - the production used several RAZOR LED and CINESOFT MINI for interior car scenes. Great application for those uncontrolled weather situations, like rain. Ultimately, LED lights was a great fit to meet the needs of the film.

One of the features the RAZOR offers is the capability of plugging into the 12V Cigarette input. Having access to power, the production was able to rig the lights across the windshield and provide enough lighting for the talents.

The RAZOR fixtures add to the already growing amount of LED selections from Cinemills and LEDZ. Available in 3' and 6' lengths and in multiple configurations. Cinemills is always on the cutting edge for the latest lighting technology by incorporating suggestions and feedback from the professionals in the field. Research and development are one of Cinemills strengths in providing top quality products and services.
Sean Miller - DP and Kaleb Blakey - Gaffer

Another tool used to light up the talent inside another vehicle was CINESOFT MINI. With this specific vehicle, the 12V cigarette input was not functioning. The CINESOFT MINI solely operating on battery was sufficient enough to meet the desired look for the film.

The FL200E On-Camera LED Light has a bright 200W-equivalent output and provides full dimming and variable color temperature control. Mount the light on top of your camera for even work, or position it on a light stand for indoor interviews. The FL200E light is also bright enough to be used as a fill light when shooting outdoors.
Color temperature is adjustable from tungsten (3200K) to daylight (5600K) and is controlled by a single dial. For controlling brightness, a second dial gives you full dimming control from 0 to 100% output, with no noticeable color shift.
The FL200E is designed to operate with a wide range of 7.0-24Vdc and it features a detachable battery plate for powering the light with a Sony NPF-series battery. You can also use a 14.7V V-mount battery with PowerTap output for powering the light via the D-tap cable. The light includes a ¼”-20 ball head, 100-240VAC adapter and slide-in diffusion filter.

Sean Miller - DP, and William Salyers - Actor

Thursday, March 12, 2015


 CINEMILLS will be returning to NAB SHOW, 2015, in Las Vegas, NV. We will be showcasing our latest lighting technology from SUFA Bullet, our next generation CINESOFT line, and many more!

At NAB (Exhibits April 13th-16th), we are located outside booth OE1013. Here, you can also see our fully-equipped Sprinter Vans.

Our highly skilled and trained crew, as well as our agency partners CINEMILLS TX will be there to answer any questions you may have. For immediate questions you can contact us: sales(at) | 818.843.4560

The National Association of Broadcasters is the voice for the nation's radio and television broadcasters. As the premier trade association for broadcasters, NAB advances the interests of our members in federal government, industry and public affairs; improves the quality and profitability of broadcasting; encourages content and technology innovation; and spotlights the important and unique ways stations serve their communities.
Malcolm Mills - Director of Sales and Marketing will be at NAB SHOW

Our NEW 2015 CINESOFT line! Come see what everyone has been raving about! 

2015: Lights used on set of Agent Carter and Rizzoli & Isles

Showcasing at NAB SHOW 2015

Legendary Cinematographer, John Bartley with the new SUFA Bullet

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Bi-fold Ramp Added in CINEMILLS SPRINTER VAN

We have an exciting feature that's been recently added to the our new, CINEMILLS Sprinter Van. The Sprinters are now equipped with a bi-fold ramp which helps ease the loading and unloading of grip and lighting gear. 

The portable ramp is mounted inside of the Sprinter, and can be easily accessed by opening the back doors. 

This feature will be offered WORLD WIDE through their agencies in California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Mexico, and beyond. For more details contact us at.


We outfit a completely custom Mercedes Sprinter Van with the latest eco-friendly lighting gear. Our award-winning LED and HMI technology is now in your hands. With a low start-up cost you now have a complete lighting and grip package on wheels. Click or tap "read more" below to view the complete details on the program.