Sunday, May 31, 2015

CINEMILLS Green Screen

CINESOFT 200 and Matt De Mattos
Recently, CINEMILLS shot video products with our new green screen wall. Hosted by, Matt De Mattos from, CMC TV.

The Cinesofts are 50, 100, & 200 watt studio LED lighting systems for the most discerning motion picture production and broadcast studio professionals. They generate up to 20,000 lumens of high spectral quality light. They are fully dimmable from 100% down to off, in 5% increments for fine-grain interactive lighting control without flicker or color shift. The Cinesoft professional imaging tools are without equal. With a lightweight yet rugged aluminum alloy construction, incredible lighting performance and full featured control system it’s designed from the ground up to be your go-to choice for the most exacting lighting tasks. Its light output replaces a 500W Tungsten softlight. It has a color temperature (Kelvin) range between 2800K and 5600K. Select from 5 preset Kelvin settings (2800K, 3200K, 4000K, 5000K, 5600K) or use the dedicated jog wheel to modulate color temperature in real time. Dimming and color temperature can be controlled simultaneously using interactive jog wheels for maximum creative control and interactivity. Full DMX512 control over dimming and color temperature, with a professional 5 pin interface. Includes a robust yoke for stand mounting or suspension. An integral 4 point rope hang system is also built into the housing, so you can mount the Cinesoft in virtually any configuration.
CINESOFT 200 and Matt De Mattos
One of our hard working team member, Gensis Castillanos painting the CYC green, and getting the studio ready for the shoot.

Video and post production team:
Video and lighting - Russo Mutuc
Video and lighting assistant - Gensis Castillanos
Post production - Mike McDevitt

Monday, May 18, 2015

CINEMILLS SILVER BULLET Graced the Cover of Time Magazine - MadMen

CINEMILLS recently graced the cover of TIME Magazine for the final season of MadMen. In the cover, John Hamm and Christina Hendricks posing in the film set, and right in the middle of it, is our legendary lighting, Silver Bullet.

The show will surely be missed, as last episode of Mad Men premiered last night. As TIME mentioned, "IT MADE TELEVISION HISTORY BY MAKING HISTORY INTO TELEVISION."

Thank you, MadMen for entertaining us for several years!

The Cinemills 20/24K Tungsten incandescent, fresnel continues to serve at the forefront of the studio lighting industry. With 24,000 watt upgrades, this legendary luminaire represents the CMC commitment to future proofing the product line. In an age where power, durability and performance top the list of requirements for a standard set of studio tools, the CMC 20/24K sets the bar offering the finest, domestically produced components. A flattering 29" Fresnel produces splendid contrast and control without artifacts or distortions and is augmented by a brilliant new 16" reflector system that produces voluminous light. Topping the list of the 20/24K’s qualifications is an incredible hand fitted construction, by experienced craftsmen, ensuring the best possible tolerances in an attractive and dependable fixture. The CMC 20/24K can be cold started, or used in conjunction with a fully DMX-able, stand-alone dimmer pack. Globes are available in 208, 220 and 240vac specifications. Scrims are also available in stainless 29".

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Get a Grip Truck Recently Wrapped Their First Feature Film

Get a Grip Truck recently wrapped their shoot for a feature film. In the last few weeks, the crew has been working hard in the cold weather and sharing some behind the scenes from set. Some of the locations are absolutely, picturesque! Filming in Colorado is a gem, with so much beauty. #filmcolorado  

Get a Grip Truck is an all-inclusive lighting & grip truck in Colorado. Their Mercedes grip truck includes 28 lights (HMI & LED), generator, DIT workstation, and much more! Get everything you need in one convenient package.
We just wrapped on our first feature in the Colorado Rockies, looking forward to many more!
Got moonlight?

Our 1800 HMI on a 33' crane... now that's how you light up the second story!
Day 6 on the set of "For The Living
Our Cinesofts in action on a new feature film!

CINEMILLS CORP. is one of the most talked-about production equipment providers in the world today. Renowned for offering the highest quality lighting equipment and production support for more than 40 years, Directors of Photography and production professionals recognize the quality and service associated with our brand and are more likely to be repeat customers because of it.

CMC Agents are currently located in:
Denver, CO
Los Angeles/Burbank, CA
Orange County, CA
San Antonio, TX
CMC Sprinter Agents are maintaining profitability
Single and Multi -Agencies available in underserved media markets across the globe
Average time to open is 45 days
CMC is an eco-friendly company
The Numbers you need to know

The CMC Agency model is best suited for experienced Production professionals and those with an owner-operator dynamic. An understanding of sales and marketing, access to financial resources and strong operational management skills are highly recommended. The success of our current Agents is due in part to the fact that they are Producers themselves with entrepreneurial spirit. A strong understanding of Production work flow and of your local market is very important. Attending local symposiums and production-related exhibits is also highly encouraged.

As an Agent you will not be required to any standardized training methods for you or your employees. There are no strict rules of operation, there is no regular inspection of your Sprinter Van and or facility where it may be stored. Prices are not determined by CINEMILLS CORP. and completely up to the respective Agent*.

* See the rentals section for suggested equipment list.

Friday, May 1, 2015

CMC TV Sneak Peek

CINEMILLS is excited to announce, CMC TV! An online video content that shows you inside look at our industry, and its professionals talking about their craft and lifestyle, on set. #setlighting #setlife #cinemills #cmctv

Here is a sneak peek at what's to come!

We will also showcase our lighting in action, and see how the pro's are using it on set.
Motion graphics designed by, Michael McDevitt.
Stay tuned for more details!