Thursday, September 1, 2011

LED Technology For The Film And Motion Picture

LED is leading the way for the cost effective and highly regarded as the new ways of lighting the film and motion picture. The longevity alone makes these units the best investment for anyone looking to light up their scenes and/or events. 

Cinemills offers the latest in cutting edge technology on LED's. In fact, recently, the lighting units won bids to be the first, 'ALL LED's', to be used in a major motion picture. We're excited to hear the reviews on the film. (Check Cinemills blog for updates)

One of the many features of the Cinesoft LED Luminaries is the color temperature control; daylight and tungsten balanced LED diode fixture. Balanced range from 2900k to 6500k

If you've used and tried the Cinesoft LED Luminaries before, we'd like to hear from you. Be featured on blog to show the world how you light up your scenes or events.

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