Friday, March 23, 2012

Pedro Guimaraes, SOC Lights Up 'Slash' Music Video With Cinemills LEDZ

Pedro Guimaraes, SOC recently shot a music video, with one of rocks best guitarist, 'Slash'. Lighting up the scenes, he used the Cinemills LEDZ Brute fixtures.

Pedro is an accomplished Steadicam Operator, Stereographer, and is a member of Society of Camera operators, plus IATSE 600 Camera Operator. 

LEDZ® is the first, high-powered, LED lighting system in the world designed for the entertainment, television, broadcast and motion picture industries. LEDZ is committed to manufacturing earth friendly products, designed to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. LEDZ is at the forefront of technology with its superior quality, innovative designs, and detailed engineering which outperform all competing LED products. This is the finest, high-end lighting solution in the world.

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