Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cinemills Lights Up New Car Commercial

Cinemills helps production companies streamline their workflow with new LED lighting technology.

Recently, Cinemills Cinesoft Luminaires was used in a new car commercial. The light fixtures where rigged overhead from the subjects, and color balanced to emulate night scenes.

The Cinesoft has features that allow the user to dial in color temperature from 3800-5600 kelvin. Additional gels can also be applied, to the accessory frame, to create a specific look.

In addition, the units only consume 1.5 A power, in the house hold circuit, you can plug in up to eight units without popping any breakers. See video below for more specs on the fixture.


  1. For a retiree, I'm impressed. The technology is incredible.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the light fixture has been getting more attention, in fact, this specific fixture was used completely in one of the new movies, out this week in theaters.