Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Director, Giovanni Ribisi, Shoots New 'Beck' Music Video And Chooses Cinemills Lights

The Cinemills team was surprised to see actor/producer/director, Giovanni Ribisi, and his cinematographer, Nathan Garofalos at the head quarters a few weeks ago. 

Both had stopped by to check out the latest lighting technology that Cinemills offers. Carlos De Mattos was there to answer any questions they had, and at the end, both were mind-boggled by the quality of the lights. They had chosen the Cinemills Cinesoft LED Luminaires for their next project.

The Cinesoft are available in a 2x2' and a 1x2' panel. LED Technology with True Daylight and Tungsten Diodes offers versatility for easy operation. On board programmable controller allows full Color Temperature Control From 2700-6500 Kelvin. Also has presets buttons allow quick change to saved settings. Full Dimming Control at any Color Temperature with digital color temperature & dimmer display. DMX compatibly allows this unit to be controlled with your DMX systems. Daisy Chain up to 8 units on one household circuit. The output equivalent to a 400W fixture. Portable and Light Weight Design with a Durable Metal Housing is appropriate for hardcore industry use. With various mounting positions and power consumption less than 1 amp, the CINESOFT by CINEMILLS is a must have light.

Giovanni Ribisi has an extensive and impressive portfolio. An American actor. His film credits include Gone in 60 Seconds, Boiler Room, Saving Private Ryan, The Mod Squad, The Gift, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Lost in Translation and more recently, Public Enemies and Avatar. He is also known for his role as Phoebe Buffay's brother Frank on the sitcom Friends. He also appeared in music videos for "Crystal Ball" by Keane and "Talk About the Blues" by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. (See complete credits and bio on his IMDB page.)

Both Giovanni and Nathan had been planning to shoot the music video for Beck. Here's a look at the music group's first music video back in 1993.

Cinemills just finished supplying a full stage, Studio 11, with 10 units 2X2" Cinesoft LED Luminaires that did the total job for, Beck, at world famous, Center Stages. Those 10 lights were able to lit the stage, see picture above. NOTE: they left all the lights for 6 days working all day and night while appreciating the coolness and the minimal electric costs.

After shooting in the studio, Beck, Giovanni, Nathan, and the rest of the crew continued on with the other parts of the music video shoot. On the next blog, we will feature behind the scenes from Pedro Guimaraes.

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