Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Closer Look at the LEDZ Superspot

The LEDZ SUPERSPOT has been around for more than six years, and it has been one, of many, CINEMILLS product line in demand for rental and purchase.

These lighting units are so in demand, often times, our inventory and even our showroom will be completely out by Friday evening. Many of our returning clients who had rented these lights, end up purchasing them to keep for their own lighting gear.

The LEDZ SUPERSPOT is the first in a premiere line of sharp, powerful circular beam producers.  With a throw that easily exceeds 40 feet, the SUPERSPOT is comparable to current 575w HMI fixtures, including the 5500k color temperature whilst only drawing a single amp.

The light fixture is extremely robust with an all aluminum housing and yoke system with junior mounting pin. It has a slim profile so can be used in a multiple of lighting setups utilizing minimal space. The fixture produces no sound and very minimal heat, making it studio friendly.  There are two built in dimmers on the fixture which allow for 100% - 0 output control with minimal color shift. The LEDZ SUPERSPOT comes complete with a switchable power supply unit 110v -240v AC, extension cable with on/off switch. There are additional accessories available including the LEDZ Speedframe, Chimera, filter frame, DMX capabilities and 12v battery options for mobile applications.

Here are some pictures showcasing the lights in action. Thank you to our valued clients for sharing with us these images.


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