Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Bi-fold Ramp Added in CINEMILLS SPRINTER VAN

We have an exciting feature that's been recently added to the our new, CINEMILLS Sprinter Van. The Sprinters are now equipped with a bi-fold ramp which helps ease the loading and unloading of grip and lighting gear. 

The portable ramp is mounted inside of the Sprinter, and can be easily accessed by opening the back doors. 

This feature will be offered WORLD WIDE through their agencies in California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Mexico, and beyond. For more details contact us at.


We outfit a completely custom Mercedes Sprinter Van with the latest eco-friendly lighting gear. Our award-winning LED and HMI technology is now in your hands. With a low start-up cost you now have a complete lighting and grip package on wheels. Click or tap "read more" below to view the complete details on the program.


  1. Hello, I am interested in the the ramp and would like one installed on my Sprinter. I am in San Diego and could drive my Sprinter to your Burbank location. Please let me know cost of unit and also installation. Thanks

  2. Can this handle the weight of a Duzall grip cart full loaded?