Monday, August 24, 2015

Still Photography with Continuous Lighting From CINEMILLS at LA's Beard and Mustache Competition

CINEMILLS LED lighting technology was recently used for an event capturing, Los Angeles' Facial Hair Society - Beard and Mustache Competition, 2015. The event took place at the world famous, Avalon Hollywood. With competitors coming from different parts of the country - they came dress to impress!

Photographer, Russo Mutuc, CINEMILLS' own Online Media Manager prefers to use continuous lighting with many of his event portraits. This is the 3rd year he has photographed the event using CINEMILLS lighting technology.

Russo used several different lights from CINEMILLS CINESOFT, SUPERSPOT, and Tungsten Units.

The Cinesofts are 50 watt studio LED lighting systems for the most discerning motion picture production and broadcast studio professionals. They generate up to 20,000 lumens of high spectral quality light. They are fully dimmable from 100% down to off, in 5% increments for fine-grain interactive lighting control without flicker or color shift. The Cinesoft professional imaging tools are without equal. With a lightweight yet rugged aluminum alloy construction, incredible lighting performance and full featured control system it’s designed from the ground up to be your go-to choice for the most exacting lighting tasks. Its light output replaces a 500W Tungsten softlight. It has a color temperature (Kelvin) range between 2800K and 5600K. Select from 5 preset Kelvin settings (2800K, 3200K, 4000K, 5000K, 5600K) or use the dedicated jog wheel to modulate color temperature in real time. Dimming and color temperature can be controlled simultaneously using interactive jog wheels for maximum creative control and interactivity. Full DMX512 control over dimming and color temperature, with a professional 5 pin interface. Includes a robust yoke for stand mounting or suspension. An integral 4 point rope hang system is also built into the housing, so you can mount the Cinesoft in virtually any configuration.

The LEDZ SUPERSPOT is the first in a premiere line of sharp, powerful circular beam producers. With a throw that easily exceeds 40 feet, the SUPERSPOT is comparable to current 575w HMI fixtures, including the 5500k color temperature whilst only drawing a single amp. The LEDZ SUPERSPOT is extremely robust with an all aluminum housing and yoke system with junior mounting pin. It has a slim profile so can be used in a multiple of lighting setups utilizing minimal space. The fixture produces no sound and very minimal heat, making it studio friendly. There are two built in dimmers on the fixture which allow for 100% - 0 output control with minimal color shift. The LEDZ SUPERSPOT comes complete with a switchable power supply unit 110v-240v AC, extension cable with on/off switch. There are additional accessories available including the LEDZ Speedframe, Chimera, filter frame, DMX capabilities and 12v battery options for mobile applications.

The Cinemills 300 watt tungsten incandescent Fresnel is the most flexible of all the kit lighting fixtures to choice from. At a mere 2.8 amps of 120v current, multiple units can be used on the smallest of circuit protected systems. A 3", wide-angle lens provides an even, flat beam field at extremely short distances and maintains a small footprint on set or in rigging conditions. It’s unusually light weight makes it easy to hang in quick location rigging scenarios, while maintaining a ‘punchy’ output. Despite the small size, the CMC 300w unit maintains all the quality and durability standards set forth by the larger members of our luminaire family. Barn doors and scrims sold separately.

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