Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Funny or Die Parody Shot at CINEMILLS Lightbox Studios!

Funny or Die recently placed this funny video, "How Do We Choose Between These Two Idiots For President?" on their main landing page.

This video was shot at CINEMILLS Lightbox Studios!

About: With marc singer, johnnydnet, Lesser of Two Evils
Which candidate for President is less evil? Let's find out. LESSER OF TWO EVILS. Sometimes it's better to be lesser. Starring John Di Domenico (as Trump), Rosemary Watson (as Hillary), Jeff Rechner and Molly Erdman as (our News Host). Written and Directed by Marc Singer Contact:

Photo by, Emry Roberts - DP
 "Shoutout to Cinemills for taking good care of us on a recent short #greenscreen project. If your looking for studio space in the Burbank area with a lot of support, this is the place to be! Thanks guys for providing such a top notch facility." - Emry Roberts

"With our writer/director." - John Di Domenico

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