Monday, August 14, 2017

Katie McAuley Music Video Release - Can't Phase Me

 A CINEMILLS produced music video, Katie McAuley's, 'Can't Phase Me'. Shot at CINEMILLS MEDIA CENTER.

Katie grew up with her parents and two older sisters in sunny southern California. The first ten years of her life were spent living in the house of Al Capone in the city of Fontana, California. Most of her time spent at home was filled with creating variety shows with her sisters and friends to perform for the parents, aunts and uncles. She loved performing at a young age and she was good at it. 

Katie was 10 when her mother really took a closer notice to her vocal abilities. Her mother, Susan, says, "When Katie was a young girl, she would sing Mary Had A Little Lamb around our house, but, not like any other kid would. She would add her own riffs to it. That's when I knew." One day, Katie came home to tell her mother she wanted to join the city cheerleading team. Her mother knew then, its time to start singing lessons instead. She was a little hesitant, but quickly became very passionate about singing and has continued pursuing it ever since.

Her first love was country music and horses. At the age of 11, she recorded her first cover song, Blue by Leann Rimes. Leann Rimes was her biggest musical influence, along with Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, JoDee Messina, Faith Hill, and Martina McBride. But since then she had fallen in love with pop music because of her love of dancing and performing. Throughout her teens she joined a co-ed pop group that traveled locally for shows, participated in many singing competitions throughout southern California, and religiously went to karaoke every week with her mother for years! "She was very shy, was hard to get her to Emote" her mother says. 

After Katie graduated high school, she decided that cosmetology would be her next chapter. She enrolled into Paul Mitchell the School and was a working licensed cosmetologist by the age of 20. She had missed singing dearly, especially karaoke nights. She then linked up with her favorite karaoke host from her childhood and started to host karaoke in bars and restaurants 5 night a week as a second job just so she could get her fix. Singing and hosting her own karaoke shows started to passionately inspired Katie to start pursuing her singing career once again. 

After 3 years of hosting karaoke and networking in Riverside, Ca, she met her boyfriend Matthew De Mattos. He quickly let her know she needed to be in Los Angeles to maximize her potential. She then quit her jobs to begin working in a night club and bar tending private parties so she could have the autonomy and financials to survive the "artist grind" in Los angeles. Shortly after moving to the big city, she started networking. Finding background singing gigs for other artists and song writing for feature films. 

Currently she is working on her Solo project. Stay tuned for her EP. Dropping soon!

YouTube / TheKatieMcAuley

Here are some behind the scenes from the shoot.

Some gags shot in high speed. Lighting powered by, SUFA BULLETS LED. The SUFA's are the perfect applications for any high speed. No flicker and can easily run on Edison power. No more ballast, generators or heat! 

Studio, lighting and grip provided by CINEMILLS / CINEMILLS MEDIA CENTER

Weighing only 73 lbs. and drawing only 7.3A at 110V, the Sufa Bullet™, with a patented silver optical system, is one of the most powerful LED fixtures on the market. The Sufa Bullet requires no ballast, and no HMI globe. The Sufa Bullet has a lifespan of 50,000 hrs. (77° F) which equates to a cost savings of approximately $130K in HMI globe replacement. The name Sufa Bullet is in reference to the of Speed and Strength of the SUFA (STORM) F-16 fighter jets, and the American tradition of performance excellence. The LED SUFA BULLET the new generation of the HMI SILVER BULLET. | @cinemills | #cinemills

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