Monday, December 18, 2017

Steve Samblis With Envision Media Partners Shoots VR at CINEMILLS MEDIA CENTER

Steven Samblis and his team recently shoot their VR project at CINEMILLS MEDIA CENTER! Here are some behind the scenes from the shoot! CINEMIILS provided a one-stop-shop services from soundstage to grip and lighting!

About: "Envision Media Partners is a Positive Media Company. Our mission is to Develop, Produce, Acquire & Distribute Positive Media that will help people find greatness in their lives.

We are positively disrupting the industry with our Envision Virtual Reality platform. EVR is an immersive delivery experiences that creates lasting immediate impact in less time in the worlds of Personal Development, Corporate Training and Corporate Communications." 
We had a very successful shoot Monday with Mentor and Author, Ken Lodi. We filmed 15 incredible segments for Envision VR based off of Ken’s best selling book “The Bamboo Principal”. - Steven Samblis

Shooting scene 8.1 Envision VR at CineMills studios.

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