Tuesday, November 8, 2011

George Stupar With Mobile Image - Lights PBS Production, "Madison Heights", With Cinemills Silver Bullet

Cinemills would like to thank one of our valued customers for using the Silver Bullet 200w Single Ended. George Stupar and his production company, Mobile Image, has been part of PBS' "Madison Heights". He's also used the lights with Chimeras for documentary interviews. He recently stopped by the Cinemills head quarters to pick up the light fixture, and we asked how he uses the lights.

"Nice lights, thanks for taking the place over and making it right," says, George Stupar. Mobile Image has been using Cinemills lights for more than 10 years, and they currently use (2) PAR 200w and 575w. They've been using the lights for educational documentary series, and dramatic series.

Since the acquisition of Cinemills in 2008, by the new owner, Carlos De Mattos. The company has been taking steps to reach out to our customers and listening to their needs. We are active online, and would like to connect with you. Share with us your experience with Cinemills lighting. Tell us how you light your scenes.

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