Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cinemills Lights at the Best Cocktail Bar in America 2012

Cinemills Tungsten light kit was recently used in a project shoot at The Varnish, in Downtown Los Angeles. The promo-photography was used for the latest ad campaign in the event, "SINFUL SUNDAYS at The Varnish".

At the time of the project, the bar was being awarded the, "Best American Cocktail Bar," in New Orleans.

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Studio Tungsten Kits
CINEMILLS Versatile "Horoscope" Lighting Kits allow you to choose the combination of lights you need and we will provide the appropriate stands, barn doors, scrims, filters, lenses, bulbs, and clamps. Included with all CMC Kits is a Heavy-Duty Case made of high-density polyethylene plastic, a heavy Flanged Aluminum Valance, Locking Chrome Latches, Continuous “Piano” Hinge , Telescoping Handle and Wheels, a padlock hasp, and more!

Behind the scenes from the bar.

Results from the project, photos by Focal Finder.


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