Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ira Cohen Gaffer for Steven Poster, ASC, Reviews Cinemills Cinesoft

"I'm Ira Cohen, Gaffer, working in the Film Industry for over 30years... I came across your new product, CineSoft 2x2, working with Steven Poster ASC, on the pilot, "Hemlock Grove", for Gaumont Films. From this point on, the Cinesoft will stand as a fixture on all my future projects." Cohen wrote. 

Ira Cohen recently provided Cinemills testimonials for the Cinemills Cinesoft LED Luminaires. This is the second part, of our two blog post, see Steven Poster finds the Cinemills Cinesoft an effective tool.

Cohen wrote, "A true workhorse when shootin digital on an episodic series... Simplicity of use and design, the 2x2 with it's large footprint usually is the first light called for... The two 2x2 units Steven Poster ASC tested on our show have never faltered, producing a luminance of working quailty, heat free and minimal power draw...Your remote is an nice feature, allowing control of the CT+Intensity once the fixture is set." 

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