Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cowgirls N' Angels Co-Producers Carlos D. De Mattos | Marcos M. De Mattos

Cinemills' own Carlos D. De Mattos and Marcos M. De Mattos mentioned in the credits for the 2012 film, "Cowgirls N' Angels," as Co-Producers.

"Cowgirls N' Angels" tells the story of Ida, a feisty and rebellious young girl, who has fantasies of finding her father, a rodeo rider. While searching for her dad, she connects with the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, a team of young female rodeo riders run by former rodeo star Terence Parker. Recognizing Ida's innate talent for trick riding, Terence recruits her for their ranks. Accepted wholeheartedly by her new "family," Ida finds a new passion that redefines her life -- and she also may find the father she's been searching for.  See IMDb

Director: Timothy Armstrong
Writers: Stephan Blinn, Timothy Armstrong
Stars: Bailee Madison, Jackson Rathbone and Alicia Witt  

Opening credits
A few months ago The First Word host, Paul Crouch Jr., sat down with Cowgirls N' Angels star Bailee Madison. Bailee talked about; the upcoming movie premier, how she got into acting, her devotion to her belief, and many more. See the full interview.

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Behind the scenes, Cinemills LEDZ lighting up parts of the interview. 

On the set of The First Word with host Paul Crouch Jr.

Bailee Madison with the LEDZ Brute 9

Paul Crouch Jr. with the Cinemills Cinesoft LED Luminaires

From left: Paul Crouch Jr., Bailee Madison, and Carlos De Mattos
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