Thursday, September 20, 2012

Malcolm Mills, The Most Interesting Man in Hollywood

"Whenever I have to light, I prefer CINEMILLS LEDZ."

Who's that charming British man lighting up the production crews? Why if it isn't the legendary Malcolm Mills, "The most interesting man in Hollywood".

"Malcolm Mills never has to wear any gloves when touching hot lights, he keeps his cool all the time."

"Malcolm Mills never watches any news, he is the news."

"Malcolm Mills never has to wait to check-in his CMC bag in the airport, passengers wait for him to check in his seat, in first class."

"Malcolm Mills never has to work in one desk, he has four to choose from, at anytime."

"Even cinematographers and DP's request to take pictures with the legendary Malcolm Mills." 

"Even James Bond would be jealous of his lighting technology."


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