Monday, December 3, 2012

CINEMILLS Recognized for La Casa Video Presentation

CINEMILLS was recognized for participating in the production of the La Casa video presentation, produced by, Nelson Hernandez-Torreaba.

CMC Products are the culmination of 30 years of dedicated service to the motion picture and television industries in Hollywood and around the world. The recent years have shown exciting changes in motion picture technology. Through it all excellent lighting continues to to play a critical part in creative content production. Therefore our commitment to providing the finest, state-of-the-art lighting instruments in the industry, has never been stronger!

LEDZ® is the first, high-powered, LED lighting system in the world designed for the entertainment, television, broadcast and motion picture industries. LEDZ is committed to manufacturing earth friendly products, designed to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. LEDZ is at the forefront of technology with its superior quality, innovative designs, and detailed engineering which outperform all competing LED products. This is the finest, high-end lighting solution in the world.


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