Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming Soon! CINEMILLS LEDZ Sprinter Van

2012 has been a huge success in the advancement of CINEMILLS and LEDZ lighting fixture with LED. To compliment the success and the meet the demands of our clients, from our great strides in providing top quality products and services, we are soon offering mobile services. Coming soon, the CINEMILLS LEDZ Sprinter van, fully equipped with all the latest lighting technology the company offers, along with the key essentials in the grip department.

Keep an eye out for the CINEMILLS LEDZ Sprinter van rolling to a production near you.



  1. How much do those cost? I always see them at the sprinter vans service in Greensboro, NC. Are they reliable?

  2. Hi Lance,

    Thanks for inquiring! The Sprinter Vans are very reliable, we've had great results with them. They have been rented out over and over again. Also, just recently, we had a van leave bound for Colorado the other day, from Los Angeles. If you would like to get more information, feel free to visit our website and click contact us