Thursday, May 30, 2013

New CINEMILLS Lighting Products to be Showcased at CINE GEAR 2013

For the first time, CINEMILLS LEDZ will be showcasing the new 1x1. In keeping with the bi-color CINESOFT tradition is introducing for the first time, at the CINE GEAR Show, in Paramount Studios. The 1X1 is complement to the 2X2 and 1X2 units that have been successfully launched three years ago.

In addition, CINEMILLS will also show the new MINI-CINESOFT adding to its 48 different LED Lighting technology, in CINE GEAR 2013. 

Come stop by and see what we have at our exterior location, booth #119A, in CINE GEAR 2013. See you there!



  1. It's great that you are showcasing your products in Cine Gears 2013. Looking forward to more of your products. Thanks for sharing the news.

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  2. Thanks Reyami! CINE GEAR is always a fun event. Good catching up with the production bothers and sisters.