Thursday, January 16, 2014

CINEMILLS at the Golden Globes 2014

CINEMILLS LEDZ is proud to return for the 5th straight year, at the Golden Globes, 2014. Our lighting can be spotted on the FOX Red Carpet entrance, People booth, and E!

Malcolm Mills, Sales and Marketing along with Russo Mutuc, photographer/videographer was on location covering the event from setup day to ceremony day, at the FOX tent.

Malcolm Mills - CINEMILLS - Sales and Marketing 

Below, you will see several LEDZ Brute 9, at the People booth.

At the People booth.

Malcolm Mills - CINEMILLS Sales and Marketing

Golden Globes Red Carpet

Setup day, at the FOX tent, for post Golden Globes ceremony celebration.

At the FOX tent, post ceremony celebration

Malcolm Mills reporting at the FOX stand and repeat. 

Below, are several LEDZ Superspots for the FOX red carpet entrance.

At the FOX red carpet event, on the evening of the Golden Globes, 2014
Photos by Russo Mutuc


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