Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let There be Light by, Mark Vargo, ASC

Check out Mark Vargo's Vimeo page, it's very informative and comprehensive! He shares with us his knowledge and experience in the industry.

Mark is a Director/Cameraman. Lately, he has been concentrating on entertaining and educational tutorials for the intermediate photographer, videographer and cinematographer.

A great source for anyone seeking information on lighting - 'Let There Be Light' The video begins with a historical review of the origins of cinema lighting. Next - some background on the physics of light and color - and how these facts relate to the choices we make as cinematographers and photographers. The video concludes with a montage of modern lighting instruments and then a quick summation. - Mark Vargo, ASC 

In this ever-changing industry, it's important to educate new filmmakers the power and importance of lighting, even at the digital age. We'd like to thank, Mark for creating these educational videos!

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