Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CINEMILLS Lighting at the Beard and Mustache Competition, 2014

This past Saturday, photographer and CINEMILLS Online Media Director, Russo Mutuc, was in action for the Beard and Mustache Competition, 2014. Lighting his portrait series was several CMC and LEDZ lighting units.

Shooting with continuous lighting, Russo was able to capture some these portraits. See full portrait series here.
Photos by Russo Mutuc

Here are some behind the scenes look at the photo set. The lighting used for the photoshoot was (2) 300W Tungsten, (2) LEDZ Brute 3, (1) LEDZ Brute 9
Behind the scenes with CINEMILLS LEDZ in action.
The Cinemills 300 watt tungsten incandescent Fresnel is the most flexible of all the kit lighting fixtures to choice from. At a mere 2.8 amps of 120v current, multiple units can be used on the smallest of circuit protected systems. A 3", wide-angle lens provides an even, flat beam field at extremely short distances and maintains a small footprint on set or in rigging conditions. It’s unusually light weight makes it easy to hang in quick location rigging scenarios, while maintaining a ‘punchy’ output. Despite the small size, the CMC 300w unit maintains all the quality and durability standards set forth by the larger members of our luminaire family. Barn doors and scrims sold separately.
Behind the scenes with CINEMILLS LEDZ in action.
The BRUTE 3 is the latest addition to the LEDZ product line, it is a versatile, lightweight, powerful light that can be used in many different applications.  With a color temp of 5500k and a full range spectrum, unmatched by our competitors, it has a circular beam, and a much longer range than other similar LED lighting solutions.  The BRUTE 3 is more than TWICE as powerful as our competitors and around HALF the price. The LEDZ BRUTE 3 will have an optional on board battery that will run the unit for an hour and a battery "Quick Pack" that will run the unit for 8 hours. The Quick Pack will also run the LEDZ MiniPar and BRUTE 9.  Several other optional accessories are available including a gel frame, handle, gooseneck adapter with baby-pin mount, etc.
Behind the scenes with CINEMILLS LEDZ in action.
 The LEDZ BRUTE 9® system provides an extremely bright, rectangular beam spread. The BRUTE 9 is a modular system and can be set up as a duo fixture with a conversion kit. The BRUTE 9 incorporates an on‑board dimmer for full intensity control. The BRUTE 9 is a perfect fixture for the 0-200w HMI lighting market.
Behind the scenes with CINEMILLS LEDZ in action.


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