Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Closer Look at the CINEMILLS Sprinter Van

Last week, our creative team photographed the interior of the CINEMILLS Sprinter Van. Headed by; Michael McDivett (Director of Advertising), Russo Mutuc (Photographer), and Ruben Diaz (Gaffer)

Looking closely at the interior of the van, it's equipped with grip and the latest CMC technology - PAR-NEL (HMI), LEDZ, tungsten, generator, dollies, grip, expendables, and more! (Note: The van can also be customized to our clients needs.)

Using the Media Center, the team was able to bring in the van through the big sliding door, and work with controlled lighting through out the shoot. Just another fun and creative day in the office!

While setting up the van for the photoshot, the team was multitasking and getting it ready for Cine Gear 2014.

Come by booth 203, in Cine Gear 2014. Our Sprinter Van will be on-site to be showcased. 


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