Thursday, August 28, 2014

That's a Wrap - CINEMILLS Promo Video Shoot

Last Friday, CINEMILLS completed it's very first company promo shoot at the Media Center. This video will be part of our newly redesigned website  It will give our viewers a real perspective of the space and the offerings available.

Planning for this video shoot took about three weeks in the making. Our biggest obstacle was scheduling all the extras and crew together. Alas, Director and Producer, Michael McDevitt along with the assistance of Amy Stierasuta they were able to make it happen.

Here are some pictures from the shoot.
Group Picture

Amy Stierasuta and Malcolm Mills
Carlos De Mattos

CINEMILLS MEDIA CENTER video promo shoot.

Directed by Michael McDevitt
Produced by Michael McDevitt and Amy Stierasuta
Lighting Crew: Ruben Diaz (Gaffer), Oscar Jasso, Raffi, Gensis Castellanos, M.G. (GE)
Camera: Russo Mutuc
Hair and Makeup: Katie Mcauley, Monique Marijeta, Jessica Kelly,

In the video: Matt De Mattos, Carlos De Mattos, Jana Kolukanova, Malcolm Mills, Zina Paladi, Paul Schilke, Ruben Diaz, Oscar Jasso, Raffi, Gensis Castellanos MG, Jason Schuster, Carly Beardshear, Katie Mcauley, Monique Marijeta, Jessica Kelly, Tiffany, and Milo the dog.

Special thanks to Hung, Bruce Chin, and Sunny for letting us photograph the luxurious Rolls Royce.

Photos by Russo Mutuc

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