Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CINEMILLS Demoed 1200/1800W PAR-NEL Lighting at a Major Studio

CINEMILLS recently demoed our 1200/1800W PAR-NEL lighting, at a major studio. We were thrilled to be invited in the back lot and be part of the experience! Spectators of the tour passed by Stage 44, and they got a glimpse of the new CINEMILLS CINEMINI.
Back lot tour passing by Stage 44 and CINEMILLS CINEMINI 

Our team; Matthew De Mattos and Karl Shultz doing a demo.
The CMC 1200/1800W HMI was born from the ingenuity of the industry 'stand-by', 1200 watt HMI PAR; CINEMILLS introduces the next generation in high output, 'household' HMI 'big guns'. The 12/18 PARNEL® is the perfect blend of PAR output and Fresnel focus-ability in one, low cost and convenient product. The CINEMILLS patent pending, PARNEL® reflector was engineered to take your household lighting package to the next level. With a 1200W, single-ended (SE) globe, the PARNEL® gives approximately 1/2 stop of additional output for the same 15 amps of input power required by a traditional 1200W PAR. When the new 1800W, single ended (SE) globe is employed - together with the Power Gems 575/1200/1800W electronic ballast - you get the best power factor correction in the industry, at 17 amps of input power, together with the brightest 'wall power' performance in the CINEMILLS line. The CMC 12/18 PARNEL® is the perfect fixture for low budget or digital content film makers.

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