Thursday, October 30, 2014

On Set Lighting with Craig "Burnie" Burns

This week, Craig "Burnie" Burns and his crew stopped by CINEMILLS to capture content for their new series 'On Set Lighting'. This shoot was a closer look at CINEMILLS' facilities, products, staff, and history of the company.

Craig "Burnie" Burns is the owner at Burnie's Grip and Lighting, San Diego Grip and Lighting, We're Rolling-it Delivery, and also business book author, 'Nobody talks about LIGHTING the elephant in the room.' 

Malcolm Mills, Director of Sales and Marketing being interviewed by Craig "Burnie" Burns. Kristopher Hritz (camera)
Matt De Mattos getting ready to be interviewed. Kristopher Hritz (camera), Thomas Roberts (BTS)

Matt De Mattos being interviewed by Craig "Burnie" Burns. Kristopher Hritz (camera), Thomas Roberts (BTS)

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