Monday, April 8, 2013

CINEMILLS At NAB Show 2013 - Day 1

Update: We recently wrapped up the first day at NAB Show 2013, and it was a great turnout. Many of the show goers, that stopped by our booth, where interested in the new designs that CINEMILLS came out with. One in particular, that gained plenty of attention is the "BIG" 15 x 9 LED lighting fixture.

As an individual light, the Brute 15 already outputs a strong light, and grouped together, it's a must see! (See picture below)

This is the first time this fixture has been seen in public, and NAB was a perfect place to launch it. Even in Facebook, when first posted the picture, it went viral in just a couple of hours.
Back view of the 15 x 9
Here is the light output at 100 %. Photo taken with cell phone and posted in Instagram.
 Karl Schultz and Ruben Diaz, Gaffer, reading the spectrum meter for color temperature results.
Mike Walsh, Gaffer, and technical support for CINEMILLS, demonstrating.
Ruben Diaz, Gaffer, demonstrating the LEDZ Brute 3.


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