Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CINEMILLS At NAB Show 2013 - Day 2

CINEMILLS at NAB Show Day 2 - On the first day of the event, it was raining, with strong and cold winds blowing. On the second day, the weather was a lot nicer to Las Vegas; as the winds had slowed down, and rain has passed.

Many of the show goers finally had the chance to see the exterior booths. And CINEMILLS welcomed our guest in our red carpet entrance.

Ruben Diaz, gaffer, and Cole DePerna are at CINEMILLS Sprinter Van answering questions and demonstrating the van from the inside and out. There was a lot of interested prospects looking to expand their services through the CINEMILLS Sprinter Van Agency.

Honnie K. (picture below, in the center of group picture) is very much interested in expanding her services with the CINEMILLS Sprinter Van. We're looking forward to working with her, and see how best we can meet her needs.

Malcolm Mills and Cole DePerna looking towards the camera, and joining the frame with the CINEMILLS Sprinter Van.
 A closer look at the CINEMILLS Sprinter Van, and the grip equipment it has.

We visited our good friends at the Chimera booth in NAB Show, and look what we came across with, the LEDZ SUPERSPOT. The Chimera team was placing a new diffuser on our lighting.


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