Thursday, April 18, 2013

Director, Eryc Tramonn Lights Music Video "Don't Fire" With CINEMILLS LEDZ

Frame grab from music video "Don't Fire" - Eryc Tramonn
Director, Eryc Tramonn shares with us how he used CINEMILLS LEDZ on his latest music video shoot.

"I wanted to share the outcome of my lighting test utilizing the Cinemill's instruments. You guys made it possible with such awesome instruments, and I really appreciate having had the opportunity to work with them. The entire video was lit exclusively with your Brute 9 and Brute 16 units, and I am very pleased with the outcome. The stage was lit solely by LEDZ. And I was THOROUGHLY impressed by their performance. Also, we didn't diffuse the lights, as you can see near the end of the vid in one of the slider shots -- it produces an interesting flare pattern.

This is the result of an impromptu shoot and there were only two of us filming that evening. When viewed through that lens, we were actually able to accomplish quite a bit in the span of four hours. All was captured on a single 5D Mk II, and with Canon glass. Hope you feel it is a good measure of the light's capabilities.  (I didn't know we were shooting until the day we did it), and I spent roughly $70 putting it together ($50 for balloons, and $20 for wardrobe). 

 I am still young in my career, but as an indie filmmaker concerned with sustainability and costs overall -- I would love to have a long relationship ahead with your company and the pioneering efforts you are making to further this very viable technology." - Eryc Tramonn

"Don't Fire" Music Video

Don't Fire - Camille Davila (Directed by: Eryc-Tramonn) from Eryc Tramonn on Vimeo.

Frame grab from music video "Don't Fire" - Eryc Tramonn

Frame grab from music video "Don't Fire" - Eryc Tramonn

Frame grab from music video "Don't Fire" - Eryc Tramonn

Frame grab from music video "Don't Fire" - Eryc Tramonn

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Thank you Eryc Tramonn for sharing with us your lighting process using CINEMILLS LEDZ.

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